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The World's Best GIS at an Unbeatable Price

No other GIS comes close to Manifold forms application development Manifold® System Release 8 delivers the world's most powerful, most full-featured and most modern Geographic Information System (GIS) package as a fully-integrated application at one low price.  By using modern software technology and leveraging mainstream Microsoft standards, Manifold System can deliver more capabilities, more power, greater quality and greater ease of use in the $395 Manifold Enterprise Edition than old-fashioned GIS products costing tens of thousands of dollars more No other GIS product delivers the incredible breadth and depth of capabilities built into Manifold and no other GIS, not at any price, delivers the phenomenal, supercomputer speed of GPGPU processing to your desktop.

$245 includes full development capability! "Ring analysis, Morans Analysis, Huff Model of Retail Gravitation, Distance Matrices, Threshold Analysis, Spider Diagrams, etc. It took me about 3 hours to complete while I ate a turkey leg and watched the Thursday night game. That was it - 3 hours. What would it cost to do this in ArcGIS, or MapInfo? This Form creation stuff in Manifold 8 is like nothing else out there." - Manifold user [Click on the image at right to see the user created video.]

Get more for your money. Don't waste money on old-fashioned, overpriced, unreliable GIS products in a tough economy. Fight back against rising costs with Manifold for better quality and more capability at far lower cost! Do more. Spend less.

"I am not a coder. Manifold comes with pre-coded queries and transforms that make me look like a genius in the office and around the community. I routinely do stuff that I would never attempt with a less friendly program." - Manifold user

Manifold includes the world's best spatial SQL, a world-class Internet Map Server (IMS), full object library and built-in development environment to create custom applications and GIS-enabled web sites.  No need to buy expensive extras or to struggle to integrate separate products.  One package, Manifold System, scales from personal use on the desktop to enterprise use within the largest organizations deploying thousands of users simultaneously editing terabytes of data. Get Manifold now, from $245 for Personal Edition!

Everything you Need is Built In

No need to play software integrator - With Manifold there is no need to assemble a jigsaw puzzle of quirky packages to do what you want. Manifold is a unified package and is not cobbled together from third party downloads. Developed, proven and supported by the same professional team, Manifold's exclusive focus on Windows with perfect incorporation of the latest in modern technology saves you time and money. Install one package and you have it all at your fingertips with no need to spend days playing software integrator to get around the limitations of amateur software, or the high costs of legacy software that always wants to charge you a few thousand more for the feature you need. You get the best, most reliable, most powerful package for a fraction of the cost of your time that is required to work with lesser packages. Manifold's spatial SQL, for example, is built into every Manifold license and is by far the world's most sophisticated: no need to figure out how to install and administer some sprawling, third party server or other mystery software. It's all built-in and everything works together perfectly, seamlessly, all of the time.

"Manifold SQL is very fast. I have a Table with 36,961 records. My Query was simple, extract 4 digits for the year from a string making up YYYYMMDD and paste the YYYY into a new column. The Query finished it's work in a second or two, so fast, I had to check that it ran at all."- Manifold user

Get Windows 10 today!

Manifold is Visual Computing

Manifold GIS is a combination of mapping, CAD, DBMS and image processing. The hallmark of GIS is the power of using a visual interface to view, grab, analyze, manipulate and transform data that would not be comprehensible in classic row and column DBMS text presentations. Although many people use Manifold to create brilliant and compelling maps for presentations, the unique power of Manifold comes from the visual computing it makes possible with databases ranging from personal data to the largest, most sophisticated, enterprise-class databases. At far less than the price of a limited mapping tool like Google Earth Pro, Manifold delivers far more capability.

Is there anyplace else in the computer world where such clear, comprehensive help gets written so fast and well? Wonderful! - Manifold user

Windows 10 Today!

Manifold guarantees support for Windows 10, Windows 10 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 x64 today. Tired of waiting years for your legacy GIS vendor to support Microsoft's current Windows editions? Manifold supports new Windows editions right away throughout the entire Manifold product line, including Windows 10, Microsoft's outstanding new operating system - the best Windows yet! Microsoft's Windows Server 2012 R2 product delivers the best production Windows for GIS enabled web applications, fully supported with Manifold including Manifold IMS.

Manifold supports both Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 right now with a perfectly integrated desktop, enterprise and web IMS stack! Don't be fooled by GIS products that don't honestly support Windows - see the Windows Reality Check to see how Manifold supports Windows when others do not.

64-bit, Multicore and NVIDIA Supercomputer Power Today

The first and only full-featured GIS to run 64-bits in Windows x64, Manifold is also the first GIS to automatically utilize multi-core processors as well as multiprocessor systems in many important areas, such as rendering large images linked from Oracle Spatial databases. Quad core processors with Manifold provide superior power and performance today!

Genuine 64-bit Manifold allows use of much more memory for far better performance and much greater reliability.  If you have Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008 x64, Windows Server 2003 x64 or Windows XP x64, Manifold x64 editions are the key to maximum power for server, IMS or demanding desktop applications. Don't be fooled by legacy vendors who sell 32-bit products for use in 64-bit Windows: launching a 32-bit GIS product, like those from ESRI, in a 64-bit Windows system forces Windows to run in 32-bit emulation mode, losing the benefits of 64-bit operation! Don't settle for obsolete 32-bit GIS!

Using the optional Manifold Surface Tools extension, Manifold Release 8 is the first and still the only GIS to support massively parallel computing using hundreds of stream processors via NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology. By installing an NVIDIA GPGPU card (widely available for as little as $150 per card with up to 512 processors per card) you can add true supercomputing performance to your GIS installation. Manifold automatically recognizes and utilizes up to four NVIDIA CUDA cards for up to 2048 processors with teraflops of computational performance. Dozens of functions can be run by Manifold at supercomputer speeds with an NVIDIA CUDA-capable card installed. See the Manifold / NVIDIA CUDA demo video to see Manifold in action using NVIDIA. See a one minute task get done in two seconds! Amazing! Using new NVIDIA Fermi GPUs some computations can run over 300 times faster! Manifold is the only GIS in the world that can use NVIDIA CUDA for supercomputer performance. See the Manifold Supercomputer GIS presentation, which also includes the CUDA demo, to learn why NVIDIA CUDA is so fast.

Vast content, superior capability

A complete system at one low price
Manifold includes a complete interactive desktop system for creating, editing and viewing of every GIS data layer you have, including vector drawings, raster images, terrain elevation as well as abstract data surfaces, multi-layered maps, tables, enterprise-class spatial DBMS, spatial SQL queries, scripts and programs, print layouts and 3D visualization.   No need to buy expensive extras.

(Illustration, right): Image server satellite photo layer automatically used in Manifold.

Industry-wide Data and Formats
Manifold reads over 100 different formats used in GIS, CAD, remote sensing, graphics arts and databases, so virtually no matter what the format used for the data you need you are likely to be able to use it in Manifold.  Manifold can simultaneously work with vector drawings, raster images, terrain elevation surfaces in 2D and 3D and dynamic data from database or web sources and can even transform data between different types, to allow you to do whatever GIS project you desire. Manifold connects to spatial DBMS like Oracle Spatial and Microsoft's "Katmai" and can even connect to legacy "SDE" geodatabases and "Personal" geodatabases to link drawings and edit legacy GIS data in place.
Integrated Internet Map Server and Object Library
Old-fashioned GIS companies sell different products for doing GIS, for running an Internet Map Server (IMS), for connecting to a spatial database, for using GIS capabilities via an objects library or for customizing the GIS package.  That's costly and much more difficult to use.  Manifold provides all those capabilities within a single product.  For example, to even approach the capabilities of Manifold's Enterprise Edition at $395 if you were using ESRI products you'd have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy ArcGIS plus ArcSDE plus ArcIMS plus ArcObjects. Better still, because Manifold is an integrated product all parts of the product share advances like 64-bit operation. Legacy vendors struggle to modernize even small parts of their product lines to 64-bit operation in 2009 or 2010: Manifold delivers 64-bit operation in all products today.
Superior Database Capabilities
Manifold provides by far the most powerful database capabilities of any GIS at any price.  Nothing else even comes close.  You can spend tens of thousands of dollars per license and still not get the fabulously powerful database capabilities of Manifold Spatial SQL and other features, included in every Manifold edition from Personal Edition on up. See the Manifold and SQL Server 2008 demo video to see Manifold in action with SQL Server 2008 spatial while simultaneously using Microsoft Virtual Earth. Manifold works with SQL Server versions right through to the latest SQL Server 2012 edition! Manifold can even store large images in SQL Server spatial! See how in the Storing an image in SQL Server 2008 demo video. Outstanding! Manifold Enterprise Edition and above provide direct connections to Oracle Spatial, SQL Server 2008 spatial through SQL Server 2012 spatial, IBM DB2 Spatial Extender, PostgreSQL/PostGIS and other world-class DBMS packages with no need of expensive and performance-robbing middleware.  Manifold Enterprise Edition can configure almost any DBMS, even those without native spatial capabilities such as SQL Server 2005 or MySQL, to function as a high performance spatial DBMS to store drawings, images and surfaces of virtually limitless size that can be used by any other Manifold edition, even Personal Edition. Manifold also publishes for free download the Manifold Spatial Extender for SQL Server, which installs on SQL Server machines to provide high performance, server-side spatial indices for use with Manifold System. Run spatial DBMS on legacy installations of SQL Server 2005 today!
Superior Analytics
Better algorithms and more modern software technology allow Manifold to deliver the most sophisticated spatial analytics in GIS.  Old-fashioned GIS packages have old-fashioned limitations, such as requiring separate processing of polygons, lines and points as separate layers, tedious preparation to assure no overlaps or adherence to other limitations for polygon-on-polygon overlays and similar hassles.  Manifold provides a rich selection of topology and spatial overlays that automatically handle any topology, no matter how pathological, and simultaneously can work with mixed polygons, lines and points with automatic manipulation of differing database values and mixed projections as well.  No other GIS at any price can handle such difficult topological situations automatically.
Classic Requirements
Manifold provides thousands of features to handle the full range of classic GIS requirements.  For example, Manifold's projection system provides modern flexibility within traditional requirements.  Manifold handles an immense range of projections, with automatic, on-the-fly reprojection as necessary and georegistration maintenance as required: you can copy a selection of objects from a drawing in one projection and paste them into a drawing in a different projection and Manifold will re-project those objects automatically on the fly, expanding database attributes as required to support the paste operation.

(Illustration, right): Image server streets layer automatically used in Manifold.

Modern Extras: GPS, Web Connections to Image Servers
Modern GIS means connection to modern devices and modern communications.  Manifold includes a sophisticated GPS console to connect to GPS devices for automated data capture, moving map display and fast and easy utilization of portable GPS units for data collection and mapping.  Not only does Manifold provide extraordinary web output, Manifold can automatically connect to a host of different web servers, automatically fetching images for any point on the planet, connecting to geocoding data servers or connecting to a wide range of web servers providing GIS displays on the fly. Want to get a taste of the cool new world of image servers? Try out Virtual Earth within IE using the Manifold Toolbar or see the SQL Server 2008 editing topic or the tutorials topic in the online edition of the User Manual that shows image servers in action within GIS.
Fanatical Focus on Windows and Microsoft Standards
Tired of vendors who are so busy being politically correct with "multiplatform" niches they fail at the main task of supporting the latest Windows and Microsoft technologies? At we are pure, unabashed Windows and Microsoft fanatics, so Manifold features the best integration with Microsoft technologies of any GIS.  Manifold is the only GIS allowing scripting in Microsoft .NET languages within the GIS itself, providing tight integration through the latest Microsoft technologies like ADO .NET, the very latest .NET framework and even perfectly integrated user interface scripting within Manifold using standard Microsoft programming languages, including scripting using both ActiveX languages and the new generation of .NET languages like IronPython, C# and VB.NET.  Manifold is so supportive of Microsoft that Manifold is still the only GIS vendor to provide full product line support for new Windows releases the day they are issued by Microsoft, with immediate support for outstanding new Microsoft products like Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, including genuine 64-bit operation, today.

Easier to use

Manifold's total commitment to supporting Windows and Microsoft technologies makes Manifold a lot easier to use.  Since over 95% of the world's computer users use Windows and are familiar with Microsoft Office applications, by using familiar Microsoft dialogs and methods (like Copy and Paste) throughout Manifold the system becomes a lot easier to learn.  By using standard Microsoft technologies for advanced functions, like programming, even those capabilities become easier to learn and to use.  Some old-fashioned GIS vendors, for example, use weird, homebrew languages like "Map Basic" instead of standard Microsoft languages.  Manifold uses Microsoft development languages and standards so that if advanced users would like to get into programming with Manifold they have a world full of Windows resources to assist them.

30 Day Lease

See for yourself the incredible power and modern conveniences of Manifold: for only $95 get a 30 Day Lease of Universal x64 to try out the full power of Manifold System Universal x64 edition on as many computers as you like by as many users as you like. The 30 day lease cannot be extended and cannot be refunded. However, if you purchase a non-leased Manifold System Edition within 60 days you may apply the full price of the lease as a credit to reduce the cost of the non-leased Manifold System Edition by $95. After 60 days you may apply the lease as a credit for $45. The 30 Day Lease is the perfect product for in-depth evaluations by organizations or individuals or just for use for temporary projects when you need extra Manifold capability.

Buy Now via the Online Store!

Buy Manifold System today on the Online Store. Order Manifold® products with immediate email delivery of serial numbers, 24 hours a day and 365 days per year! The Manifold Online Store is always open using the highest commercially available encryption technology. Download product installation files, install and get started with Manifold right away!