Multi Core

Incredibly Fast - Whether your CPU has two cores or 32, Manifold uses all of them everywhere for super fast speed and instant response. Only Manifold does that.

Multi CPU

Even Faster - Raw speed is big fun. More CPUs and more cores mean easier workflow, faster geoprocessing, and instant analytics, even with bigger data. It's all automatic.

Multi GPU

Insanely Fastest - Manifold automatically uses thousands of cores on multiple GPUs. Do in seconds what takes hours with other tools. Enjoy life with Manifold speed.

Faster · Easier · Stronger

Manifold Release 9 is a new GIS that runs far faster, delivers superior data science capabilities, cuts through routine GIS tasks, and handles bigger data with better quality than ESRI or any other GIS, all at a lower cost of ownership than free alternatives, only $95, fully paid. Manifold delivers blistering speed with rock-solid reliability, even with big data. See the YouTube Video: Manifold does in nine seconds what takes ESRI's Spatial Analyst twelve minutes, running all the cores in your computer instead of just a few. Manifold is so fast that ESRI users can save hours by exporting data to Manifold, doing geoprocessing in seconds, and then importing back into ESRI.

"To process even one modest piece of down sampled LiDAR within my region in ArcMap took ~60 hours to produce the 30 inundation layers. As I mentioned previously, this may then require fixing and a re-run of the process. The same process on the same DEM using Manifold 9's distance toolset takes around 40 seconds per layer or 20 minutes for the 30 intervals." - Government user, computing flood levels (emphasis added)

Master all data in tables, vector geometry, raster data, drawings, maps and images. Connect to many sources at once to blend, prepare, extract, transform, load, analyze, validate, visualize and explore your data. Transform data in-place within existing storage or within Manifold. Manifold plays with all. Enjoy huge capacity and speed - hundreds of GB, even a terabyte, on your desktop. Keep up with the fastest Enterprise DBMS and run ahead of all others. No more crashes - Manifold can easily handle data that crushes ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, or QGIS.. Get it done right, and get it done fast with Manifold.

"Manifold 9's best feature is its wicked fast speed. It is great in all things but the rendering speed really is the best thing from an every day use point of view. It is what makes 9 so much easier to use than 8 and a host of other GIS's." - Forum post
The Best of Both Worlds

Manifold combines the visual and spatial power of GIS with the massive data science power of built-in parallel DBMS: Easily accomplish what GIS alone or traditional DBMS tools cannot do. Manifold is both a killer parallel DBMS and the world's most powerful GIS at the same time.

Traditional DBMS and GIS tools come with painful tradeoffs: Classic DBMS tools provide great DBMS capabilities but are often limited by insufficient spatial know-how, difficult spatial workflow and challenging administration, while GIS tools like ESRI may work OK for visualization but are crippled by brutally primitive database infrastructure and laughably insufficient SQL.

Manifold provides the best of both worlds: combining the world's most advanced GIS spatial technology with the world's most advanced parallel spatial database techology. Modern technology is way more efficient, so Manifold can deliver superior quality and performance at a much lower price, only $95, all within a single, clean, easy to use desktop package that installs and launches easier than Microsoft Excel.

Manifold was created from the ground up as the fastest desktop spatial database ever, handling terabyte data using fully parallel DBMS techology and the most sophisticated, fully articulated, automatically parallel spatial SQL query engine ever. Manifold connects brilliantly to enterprise DBMS because Manifold itself is one of the most powerful DBMS packages ever created. Manifold includes hundreds of data formats and data sources, hundreds of military-grade, ultra high precision spatial algorithms, seamlessly integrated with incredibly fast GIS spatial data visualization, for the world's best GIS, all at one low price: only $95, fully paid.

Explore · Blend · Visualize · Edit · Create · Understand · Transform

"Merging is fantastically fast in M9. I merged some lidar tiles a while back in a project which already contained nearly half a TB of lidar data. The 30000x22000 surface was merged and written to a new component in the project in an eye watering 3.5 seconds." - Forum post

Point and Click

Easy Wizardry - Over 300 automatic templates deliver data science genius for spatial and non-spatial data in tables, imagery, vector geometry and more. Easy to use!

Spatial SQL

Infinite Power - By far the world's most brilliant and complete spatial SQL, automatically parallel and way faster and easier than any other GIS. Handle any job, no matter how complex.

Easy Scripting

Have it All - Built-in support for 11 standard languages, including Python, V8, C# and Microsoft languages. Use scripts in-line within SQL, and mix server-side and local SQL.


"I've recently set a school district up with 9 to help them in their efforts to get good internet to all the kids. The ability to stream Google aerial, free viewer, clean initial interface (not intimidating) and ability to add specific SQL queries for certain needs made the choice for using 9." - Forum Post

"Wow! It is really as fast as advertised." - Forum post

Manifold Includes Everything

No need to learn multiple packages - Manifold does it all for only $95.

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Limitless Data

Manifold knows more formats and data sources than any other GIS. Manifold knows all Enterprise DBMS vendors, all raster and vector formats and all OGC and web servers. Manifold knows all projections worldwide. Instantly pop open 200GB images. Transform any raster. Edit millions of vectors, including curvilinear geometry. Vast capacity, stunning speed and godlike power. Nothing else comes close at any price. At $95, Manifold is a steal.

Pic 02

Infinite Spatial DBMS

Running point-and-click or SQL-centric, Manifold runs faster than anything else for spatial work, automatically executing fully-parallel spatial SQL standalone within Manifold's parallel DBMS engine, or dispatched to your favorite DBMS, or in a mixture of both - all within the same query. Crunch big data using manycore CPU or massively-parallel GPU in Manifold, or use Manifold as the ultimate client to enhance your favorite DBMS. Manifold plays well with all.

Honest Quality

"Never Crashes"... Really?   Yes!   Manifold is almost impossible to crash. You can expect to run Manifold all day, every day for twenty years without seeing a crash. Release 9 is built on Manifold's phenomenally bulletproof Radian® spatial database engine, proven against the most complex tasks by users worldwide. Feed it massively complex geoprocessing tasks or spatial SQL and Manifold executes with blistering speed and total accuracy. Every time. Manifold always runs no matter how complex your task, no matter how big your data and no matter how many cores go to work for you at lightning speed. Worried a big job will crash your GIS? Don't settle for software that crashes twice a week. Insist on honest quality. Get Manifold. Together with incredible speed and power, Manifold delivers rock-solid reliability.

"As a long time Manifold user, I'm simply awestruck by the performance gains. My colleagues are mostly ESRI users, but a few simple demos of intersecting large spatial datasets have won admiration from all." - Forum post

Easy to Play

Effortless power, point and click dialogs, endless capabilities and everything built into a single, unified package makes Manifold easy to play. Read, write or link to a seeming infinity of formats, so you can always get the data you want. Connect to any DBMS, anytime, anywhere. Use point and click dialogs or the SQL you already know and Manifold parallelizes it for you. Automatically. Rich dialogs preview changes on the fly so you are never surprised. Enjoy super fast editing, with instant response no matter how big the data.

Manifold installs in moments, only 70MB to download. No need to buy anything else, no need to decode yet another quirky package, to find and download gigabytes of old code, or to spend endless hours playing software integrator writing scripts. Do what you want right now. Launch Manifold and make great things happen. Everything just works. Always.

See the video showing how Manifold does in 11 seconds for $95 what takes a $5000 toolset 20 minutes. Skilled professionals have better things to do than wait around for 20 minutes.

The Power of GPU

Manifold can use a $50 GPU plug-in card to speed up many spatial functions by 50 to 100 times. A $150 GPU card provides a thousand cores to crush big jobs. Use a point and click dialog or the same SQL you already know: Manifold automatically creates and launches massively parallel GPU code. No manual coding required. Do in seconds what once took hours. Effortlessly. Only Manifold can do that.

Feel at Home

Manifold speaks your language with easy localization. Enjoy Manifold in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

  • ... and many more.

Community Driven

Join the Community: The Manifold user community drives the rapid evolution of Manifold. Enjoy a direct connection to Manifold's full-time, professional team of developers, the most advanced development team in GIS and spatial ETL. Every week or two, Manifold issues a new build that responds to community priorities by delivering hundreds of new features and other improvements per month, often delivered within days of request. Bugs are eliminated immediately, never lasting longer than a few days. No other GIS or spatial ETL package evolves at that speed, no other GIS delivers such high quality, and no other GIS, DBMS, or spatial ETL engineering organization implements community priorities as fast as Manifold.

"Beauty, putting my kids through college with this stuff, thank you." - Forum post on new feature added at user request.

Image at right: Manifold computing Path Distance in 9 seconds, running 48 threads with 100% utilization (the vertical line at the right edge of each box) on a 24 core AMD Threadripper. Spatial Analyst on the same machine runs Path Distance with only nine instances at less than 30% utilization, taking 12 minutes. Add Manifold to your ESRI toolset for faster geoprocessing.

"Oblique Mercator in Manifold 9 is astonishingly fast. I have an RGBA image 14401 x 18001 pixels in New Zealand Transverse Mercator (north up) which I am reprojecting on the fly to a custom Oblique Mercator projection (locally centred, east up) in a map. Display is instantaneous. Zooming and panning feel just as fast in the map, with quite heavy reprojection, as when viewing the image in its own window in its native projection. I don't know how this is even possible! Amazing stuff." - Forum post

Free Viewer
Manifold Viewer is completely free - no need to register, no ads, no upsell, no soliciting donations - it's really free!

Manifold Viewer is the free, read-only version of Manifold Release 9: no need to register, runs forever, no ads, no upsell, no soliciting donations - it's really free! Viewer is a great way to share the amazing projects you create in Manifold for free. Publish multi-hundred GB projects created in Manifold that anybody can pop open in 1/10th second for free using Viewer.

Publish projects that include automatic connections to your organization's databases and worldwide webserved data, and include pre-built, sophisticated analytics and dynamic reporting that users can launch with a point and click. Track pandemics, help first responders fight wildfires, or just help your organization do a better job. Viewer's small download, instant launch, and clean display - free of convoluted ribbons and endless, confusing buttons - make it perfect for unskilled users. Viewer includes full power Manifold CPU and GPU parallelism, so with Viewer a million people can share the dazzling analytics and insights you create with a single $95 Manifold license, all at fully parallel speed with no need to pay for costly, cloud-based, semi-parallel, web applications. Like Manifold, Viewer never crashes, no matter how big or complicated the job.

"Mfd 9 is becoming a really good tool for sharing data with non-GIS folks. Clean interface makes it easy to teach others simple tasks. Easy to transfer a project. Easy to install software. Free viewer." - Forum post

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What Users Say Manifold is by far the fastest

Users report Manifold Release 9's parallel technology is the fastest GIS, spatial ETL, and spatial DBMS technology ever. Manifold saves you time, labor and money by running faster than anything else. Search the Forum to see how well-known users report breakthrough performance gains, like this post:

"I have recently tinkering with lidar point cloud storage in Manifold Future and from what I have seen so far want to congratulate Manifold engineering on the incredible achievement that is the Radian Map format.

Out of idle curiosity, I have imported ever larger lidar pointclouds into MAP storage with a view to assessing whether Radian technology offers a potential solution to our ongoing problem we have with lidar storage, discovery and analysis.

Encouraged by my findings, I now have our organization's entire point cloud dataset and all las attribution stored as a single table containing some 1.72 billion points. Once imported, I have been absolutely astonished by the performance opening the map file which as shown in the screen grab below is ~0.4 of a second! Considering that following this blink of an eye, all of the data is available in a parallel data structure and ready to go with Radian's parallel analytics, this represents a huge achievement and opens up a host of possibilities.

How many records is 1.72 billion? I had no real comprehension, but at the height an individual record shows in attached the screen grab, if I were to scroll through the entire table, I'd be at it a while as it would be 6820 kilometers long! ... Sorry, I meant 8620km long even more astonishing." - Forum post

Radian is Manifold's own internal spatial DBMS and parallel engine. 8620 kilometers is bigger than the radius of the Earth. Manifold is so fast it can open and display a table that big in less than half a second, on a desktop computer. Amazing!

"I'm a guy that likes to use exceptionally powerful and capable software to leverage massively scaleable hardware to get work done. I know hardware and how to build really good workstations for GIS / remote sensing. [...] For me Manifold is the most exceptionally powerful geoprocessing tool I've ever encountered on a set piece of computer hardware, even going back to Manifold 8.0.25 back in 2009, let alone what it can do now. I just hope more and more people start to get past other venders "kool-aid" drinking mindset forking over gargantuan budgets to get less performance than what Manifold can do." - Forum post

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The World's Best Classic GIS Manifold Release 8 is the world's best GIS

Looking for a totally professional, superior quality, classic GIS at unbeatably low cost of ownership? Get Manifold System Release 8. Created by the makers of Manifold Release 9, Release 8 delivers by far the world's most reliable classic GIS, providing unmatched breadth and depth of professional and enterprise class power. Thousands of improvements during years of use worldwide ensure Release 8 continues to deliver outstanding value in GIS.

Manifold System Release 8 includes integrated Internet Map Server capability, neurofuzzy inferencing, total development with integrated forms, superior spatial SQL, and mcuh more. Release 8 mixes native, enterprise-class DBMS capability with fully integrated vector drawings, images and full image editing, raster surfaces and multiple geometry types at once. Get it all in one package for superb analysis and cartography at a price you can easily afford.

"I went with the 64 bit Manifold... and it halved our processing time, its made a huge difference to our workflow. We're accomplishing vector geoprocessing tasks that took 8 days to complete in [a different package] in a couple of hours.... Very happy. The .NET object model is so easy too." (Forum posting)

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COVID-19 Response

Three Free Activation Keys in 2020 - To support installation on work at home machines, Manifold licenses will automatically qualify for three free additional activation keys in 2020. Additional keys are automatically granted when activation is requested for a license that has run out of keys.

Manifold Release 9 Prices

$95 - Manifold Release 9 Universal - Includes all Release 9 features. Every Release 9 serial number enables 64-bit operation in 64-bit Windows systems, 32-bit operation in 64-bit Windows systems (used for compatibility when integrating with other software that is limited to 32-bit operation), or 32-bit operation in 32-bit Windows systems. This is a fully paid license and is not a limited time license or a lease. Best buy.

Legacy Bundle - Buy Release 9 together with Manifold System Release 8 for total legacy compatibility:

$175 - Manifold Release 9 Universal + Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 - Includes both Manifold Release 9 and Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64. Includes two standard tech support incidents by email.

The best classic GIS ever - Release 8 is the world's best classic GIS providing seamless desktop, enterprise, programming and web serving GIS in totally integrated product:

$95 - Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 - All features of the classic Manifold 8.00 product line in a single package, at the best price ever.

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Manifold products deliver quality, performance and value in the world's most sophisticated, most modern and most powerful spatial products for GIS, ETL, DBMS, and Data Science. Total integration ensures ease of use, amazing speed, and unbeatably low cost of ownership, for only $95. Tell your friends!

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