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Manifold sometimes lists special offers on the Products and Prices page that allow Manifold licensees to trade in a license for an older product to get a lower price on a newer product. This page provides a step-by-step illustrated procedure taking advantage of an upgrade. Most upgrade offers are similar: they require trading in a serial number for a qualifying product to get a discount on a newer product.

upgrade example

This page uses an example for the Release 8 trade-in offer that was advertised through 31 December 2018, as seen above. We will trade in a Release 8 Personal Edition serial number to get a big discount on the Manifold 9 plus Manifold 8 Universal bundle. The serial number we will trade in was not procured as part of a bundle with some other products and it has not been revoked.

Before proceeding with an upgrade transaction, please check the status of the serial number you will trade in on the Status Page. That page will show if the serial number is valid.

Begin by visiting the Online Store page. Read that page carefully and then press the green Buy button to enter the online store.

upgrade example

The shopping cart starts out empty. Press the Add to Cart button for the Manifold 9.00 Universal + Manifold 8.00 Universal x64 product to add that product to the shopping cart.

upgrade example

Press the Check Out button.

upgrade example

Press the Upgrade button.

upgrade example

Press the Convert to Upgrade button.

upgrade example

A box opens allowing us to enter a serial number for a qualifying product. Enter the serial number for a qualifying Release 8.00 license. This must be the original serial number with no typographical errors or changes. We can press the Test Serial Numbers button to check the serial number if we have not done so already on the web site's serial number Status Page.

upgrade example

Press the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

upgrade example

The amount credited is shown, and the new price is totaled.

upgrade example

Enter all required information in the form, such as name and address, and press the Continue button to proceed to payment pages in the usual way.

Typical Errors

Bundled serial number - If the special offer requires an unbundled Release 8.00 serial number, using a serial number acquired as part of a Release 9 + Release 8 bundle will not work. Such bundles already provided 9 at a discount.

Wrong trade in combination - If a special offer says you must have a Release 8 Ultimate serial number to trade in on a 9 + Ultimate 8 bundle, then a Personal Edition Release 8 serial number won't work. If a special offer is for a trade in on a bundle, then trying to trade in for something else, like a Release 9 license by itself that is not part of a bundle, won't work.

Wrong serial number - If the special offer requires a Release 8.00 serial number, using a serial number for a different product, such as Release 7 or Radian Studio or some extension like Surface Tools, will not work.

Revoked serial number - If a serial number doesn't work, checking it on the serial number Status Page may show it has been revoked. That usually happens when it has previously been traded in, for example, trading in a 32-bit Release 8 license to get a 64-bit Release 8 license. Use the replacement serial number you got by trading in the now-revoked older serial number.

Not a serial number - Some people try trading in a tech support token or an Activation key, and not a serial number. Weird, right? No worries. Brain fades can happen to anyone. To avoid those, check the serial number Status Page to make sure you are using a Release 8 serial number and not something else.

Typographical errors - Use Copy and Paste to avoid errors. Copy from the original serial number email sent to you by Manifold to avoid typos that may have been introduced in subsequent copies.

Using a "masked" serial number - Only the full, original serial number will work, not the "masked" version that replaces part of the serial number with a series of "x" characters.

Changed serial number - Believe it or not, some people think you can change a serial number (changing characters or case, etc.) and it will still work. Don't be that guy.

Expired offer - If a special offer ends on a given date, trying to do an upgrade after that date won't work. For example, an upgrade offer that expires December 31 will not be available a month or so later in February.

"Pending" errors - If an upgrade transaction fails or is abandoned, the serial number that was provided will be locked out in "pending" status for an hour or two. It cannot be used until the "pending" status is cleared, which happens automatically in an hour or two. Please try later.

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