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Keys protect your property rights.

The terms and conditions on this page are part of the general Terms and Conditions of sale and licensing that apply to all orders. They have been provided on this page for easier navigation. By acquiring Manifold products through the Online Store or by any other means you agree to the terms and conditions and procedures set forth on this page. Do not acquire Manifold products if you do not agree to these terms and conditions and procedures.

Email Addresses

Manifold products are typically delivered by email in the form of serial numbers that authorize a license. When you order Manifold products, it is the customer's responsibility to provide a valid email address to which serial numbers can be sent. It is the customer's responsibility to assure that any anti-spam or other email features used by either the customer or the customer's agents (such as the ISP) do not prevent delivery and viewing of Manifold emails to the email address supplied by the customer. Problems with email reception must be resolved within 30 days of purchase to avoid service fees, so please follow up immediately if you have not received a serial number email for a new license within an hour of placing the order.

Serial numbers are not locked to or otherwise tied to any specific person, machine or installation file. Anyone who has a serial number can use it, so be careful not to give out a serial number to anyone who you do not want to be able to use it.

When ordering Manifold products be careful to specify the email address to which you want your serial numbers sent. If you accidentally specify some wrong email address, such as the email address of a divorced spouse, a former employee or a business competitor (these are real examples of actual customer errors), your serial number will be sent to that wrong email address and you may lose your licensing rights if the person receiving that email uses the serial number instead of you. In organizations, make sure the email address you specify is managed by someone who can be trusted not to lose the serial numbers and other information sent and who will be able to function as the designated contact for your organization.

Manifold does not send spam or utilize the email contact for anything but license information. It is the customer's responsibility to provide an email address that can receive the Manifold serial number email. See the discussion in the Email Problems page.

Manifold is Protected

Manifold is protected using a Serial Number and Activation Key system. It is important that customers do not misplace the serial number which authorizes their license.

The value of your license is in the serial number, not in installation files. You can download the installation files as many times as you like but if you do not have a serial number for your Manifold license you cannot use that Manifold license. Your serial number is your license: lose the serial number and you lose your license.

Do not lose your serial numbers. If you lose your serial numbers, they cannot be recovered and you will lose your license. Serial numbers are very valuable information. If you lose your serial number, you will lose the value of the Manifold license that it authorizes. You will need your serial numbers to use your Manifold products or to get technical support.

If you lose your serial numbers, you will lose the ability to permanently install or to use the products they authorize, you will lose the ability to re-install your products or to move them to a new machine should you ever need to do so in the future and you will lose any ability to take advantage of future upgrade offers that require a Manifold serial number.

Do not expect that after using a serial number once you can safely lose it. Serial numbers are stored in Manifold products in encrypted form and cannot be recovered from the software installation: you will need your original serial numbers, so do not lose your serial numbers. Do not make the mistake of wasting money by paying for serial numbers and then losing them! Print out the serial numbers issued to you by Manifold and keep them in a safe place. This is easy to do by printing the serial number email sent to you by Manifold and by saving copies of that email as text files on backup media.

Under some limited circumstances it may be possible to recover a Manifold serial number for a fee. For a limited time, on an experimental basis Manifold may offer Key Recovery services for a fee. See the Key Recovery service product listings on the Online Store for information on these services.


To successfully use your serial number to install and activate Manifold you will have to follow exactly the procedures set forth by Manifold to accomplish such installation and activation. Such procedures are well within the capabilities of someone with ordinary intelligence who has the capacity to read and follow directions.

Manifold is not obliged to assist anyone in following such directions, but if Manifold chooses to do so voluntarily, such assistance will be provided only to the original licensee at the original email address and not to any third party. Licensees are advised that any assistance so provided will be only for the current edition of Manifold System and any assistance for initial activation, if provided, will be provided only for a period of up to 90 days from the issuance of the serial number. For example, licensees should not acquire a Manifold license and then not do anything with it for three or four years and then expect assistance from Manifold.

Licensees must follow published procedures for any support and assistance, as applied in the sole and exclusive determination of Manifold.

Once installed a Manifold license will run as long as that computer continues to operate in sufficiently unmodified form to not require re-activation. The five activations provided for a serial number enable re-installation and re-activation within a reasonable period of time; however, re-activation of old or obsolete licenses may not continue to be supported once future versions of Manifold are released. Although Manifold may voluntarily support use of activation keys for outdated versions of Manifold for some reasonable period of time (such as three years) licensees should not expect such support.

Take Advantage of Upgrade Offers

Five activation keys are ample for most users if the software is installed on one computer as allowed by your license. Over the course of years some users may worry that five activations are not enough.

The usual way to ensure a continuing stream of activations is to take advantage of upgrade offers that are usually announced when a major new Manifold product is introduced. Users who upgraded to Release 8.00, for example, got a fresh new Release 8.00 serial number with five new activations available. Taking advantage of upgrade offers will get five new activations every year or two, more than enough for most users since few people replace machines or install a new Windows more frequently than five times a year.

New Manifold products typically include hundreds of significant improvements, so it also makes sense to take advantage of upgrade offers to enjoy a better product.

Additional Activations

If Manifold is installed on one computer as licensed and users take reasonable care to administer their Windows systems in a diligent and prudent fashion, normally five activations are plenty to enable use of a Manifold license for many years even without utilizing occasional upgrades to newer products that may be offered.

However, some users will run licenses for extremely long spans of time, perhaps in the case of a runtime license embedded in a legacy application that runs well and will not be replaced. Other users may have exceptionally bad luck with disk drives or hardware.

To assist with such needs Manifold provides additional activations in two forms: automatic free additional activations and manually purchased additional activations via the $100 Extra Activation Keys product available in the Online Store product list Services section. One year after issuance each Manifold serial number automatically gains the ability to get one more activation key, if requested. If that does not suffice, beginning one year after a serial number is issued users may purchase two additional activation keys via the Extra Activation Keys product for the current edition of Manifold once ever year thereafter.

This enables even very old Manifold licenses to continue being use despite the passage of many years or despite equipment failures or Windows upgrades. See the Additional Activation Keys page for details.

Extra keys do not authorize extra users: Each activation key does not authorize an extra user. It simply authorizes a re-installation for the same single user in the event of a hard disk crash or other required re-installation. If you use extra activation keys to attempt to use the same serial number to run Manifold on more than one machine by more than one user at the same time, sooner or later Manifold will detect a licensing violation and your serial number will be revoked and you will lose all licensing rights.

Before purchasing the Extra Activation Keys product users should check their serial numbers on the Serial Number Status page. The page will report the date the serial number was issued and how many activations have been used. If any activations are available, do not purchase the Extra Activation Keys product. Instead, use the free activations that are remaining. If no activations are available and it is more than one year since the serial number was issued, do not purchase the Extra Activation Keys product either: if you request an activation for the serial number it will be automatically granted as an additional key for that year. Only purchase the Extra Activation Keys product if you have used up the free additional activation key granted each year.

Important: A license for a Manifold product provides only five activations. The provision of either a free additional activation key every year or the availability of a paid Extra Activation Keys product is a voluntary marketing promotion by Manifold that is provided at the sole and exclusive option of Manifold and which may be withdrawn at any time for any reason or for no reason or for any licensee. By way of example and not limitation, the voluntary provision of free additional activations or availability of paid extra activations will be rescinded for those licensees who do not cooperate with published procedures, such as the tech support process or limitations on that process.

In extreme cases, such as abuse of community resources, other users or personnel such as by racism, discrimination against national origin, gender, age or religion or threats or crimes, Manifold reserves the right to rescind any unused activations and to decline to provide any support or access to additional licenses or products. Manifold would like to provide additional benefits to responsible users and will take measures to protect responsible users from higher costs imposed by irresponsible, criminal or abusive users.

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