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The Radian GUI uses English language by default but will automatically a different language specified in a user-editable localization file. The localization file lists in canonical form all strings used for captions, menus, prompts and other GUI text and specifies the text to be used for that string in the desired language.

Any user can take the canonical ui.txt file and provide their own translation for whatever language they like. Example localization files created by Radian users include German, French, Portuguese and Spanish languages provided in the ui.zip file (click the link to download). The latest, up-to-date canonical English ui.txt file is published in the portable Radian installation package.

English ui.txt File

CommandFileNew=New|Create new document.
CommandFileOpen=Open...|Open existing document.
CommandFileOpenRecent=Recent Projects|Open recently opened document.
CommandFileSave=Save|Save opened document.
CommandFileSaveAs=Save As...|Save opened document with a new name.
CommandHelp=Help|Help commands.
CommandHelpAbout=About...|Display program version and copyright.

German ui.de.txt File

CommandFileNew=Neu|Erzeuge ein neues Dokument.
CommandFileOpen=Öffnen...|Vorhandendes Dokument öffnen.
CommandFileOpenRecent=Zuletzt benutzte Projekte|Öffne eines der zuletzt benutzten Dokumente.
CommandFileSave=Sichern|geöffnetes Dokument speichern.
CommandFileSaveAs=Sichern als...|Geöffnetes Dokument unter neuem Namen speichern.
CommandHelpAbout=Über...|Programmversion und Copyright anzeigen.

When a German localization file is placed in the Radian installation folder, on launch Radian will look at the Windows language setting and if Windows has been set to German, Radian will automatically load the German localization file. Radian can also use a different language while Windows stays in English. See details in the Localization topic in the User Manual. Authors creating localization files for their own languages will often discuss the process and assist each other on the User Forum.

Credits: Radian beta tester KlausDE contributed the German localization file. Join in by adding your language and sharing the localization file with others!

  • Radian speaks your language.


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