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No other GIS comes close to Manifold for applications development.

Manifold® System Release 8 delivers the world's most powerful, most full-featured classic Geographic Information System (GIS) package as a fully-integrated application at an astonishingly low price. Release 8 is perfect for entry level GIS users.

By using modern software technology and leveraging mainstream Microsoft standards, Manifold System can deliver more capabilities, more power, greater quality and greater ease of use in the $295 Manifold Universal x64 Edition than old-fashioned GIS products costing tens of thousands of dollars more.

No other classic GIS product delivers the incredible breadth and depth of capabilities built into Release 8 and, except for Manifold's new Release 9, no other GIS, not at any price, delivers the phenomenal, supercomputer speed of GPGPU processing to your desktop.

"Here we had four researchers unable [in a week] to even budge a project along in ArcGIS or QGIS. I met with them for about a half hour, we drew out the problem on the whiteboard, and I walked through the steps with them with Manifold 8. About an hour later we had the project completed for the one data set.

That evening I wrote probably no more than 40 lines of VBScript so that they could just run the whole process on the other data sets. The script process took around five minutes to complete for each data set. Imagine that, four people and a week with no results. In comes Manifold and it's done that evening. ... The people called me a god after that :-)" - Manifold User

$145 includes full development capability!

Every Manifold Release 8 license includes full development capabilities, including outstanding Forms programming for fast and easy applications development.

"Ring analysis, Morans Analysis, Huff Model of Retail Gravitation, Distance Matrices, Threshold Analysis, Spider Diagrams, etc. It took me about 3 hours to complete while I ate a turkey leg and watched the Thursday night game. That was it - 3 hours. What would it cost to do this in ArcGIS, or MapInfo? This Form creation stuff in Manifold 8 is like nothing else out there." - Manifold user [Click on the image above to see the user created video.]

Special Offers

Trade up from 8 to 9 - Now is the time to trade up from Release 8 to the spectacular power and speed of 9. Keep your 8 license as well!

  • Trade in an unbundled Manifold Release 8 serial number on a Manifold 9 Universal plus Manifold 8.00 Universal x64 bundle before 31 July 2019 to acquire the bundle for a total price of only $375. Any non-runtime Manifold Release 8 license up through Universal Edition qualifies for this offer.
  • Trade in an unbundled Database Administrator or Ultimate Edition Manifold Release 8 serial number on a Manifold 9 Universal plus Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 bundle before 31 July 2019 to acquire the bundle for a total price of only $375.
  • The two offers above allow Release 8 users to trade up to 9 for a price of $375. In addition, their Release 8 license is replaced with a fresh Release 8 Universal x64 or Release 8 Ultimate x64 license. Wow! That's a big upgrade for Personal or Professional licensees at no extra charge!
  • See the How to Upgrade page for illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to do an upgrade transaction on the Online Store.

Get a great deal on 9 ! Stock up on Release 9 licenses with super deals in 2019:

  • Buy Manifold 9 Universal before 31 July 2019 and get a $120 discount off the regular price of $595 for a total price of only $475. Your Release 9 Universal license runs 64 bits and 32 bits and never expires, allowing immediate use of Manifold Release 9 and all Release 9 Cutting Edge builds at Universal level now and in the future.
  • Buy the two product bundle of Manifold 9 Universal plus Manifold 8.00 Universal x64 before 31 July 2019 and get a $165 discount off the regular, combined price of $840 for a total price of only $675.

Buy the gisadvisor online Big Data and GIS training course on before 31 July 2019 and get 75% off the regular price. Click here to use the special discount code. The gisadvisor training courses have a 95% user rating, 4.7 out of 5. Wow! This is a third party training course not affiliated with, but recommended by Manifold. This offer ends at midnight GMT on 31 July 2019.

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Everything is Built-In

Manifold Release 8 includes full spatial SQL, far beyond anything in any other classic GIS, a world-class Internet Map Server (IMS), full object library and built-in development environment to create custom applications and GIS-enabled web sites. No need to buy expensive extras or to struggle to integrate separate products. Manifold Release 8 scales from personal use on the desktop to enterprise use within the largest organizations deploying thousands of users simultaneously editing terabytes of data.

"I am not a coder. Manifold comes with pre-coded queries and transforms that make me look like a genius in the office and around the community. I routinely do stuff that I would never attempt with a less friendly program." - Manifold Release 8 user

No Puzzles

Manifold Release 8 is a unified package and is not cobbled together from third party code: No need to study a jigsaw puzzle of quirky packages to do what you want. Developed, proven and supported by the same professional team, Manifold Release 8's exclusive focus on Windows with perfect incorporation of the latest in modern technology saves you time and money. Install one package and you have it all at your fingertips with no need to spend days playing software integrator to get around the limitations of amateur software or the high costs of legacy software that always wants to charge you a few thousand more for the feature you need.

Spatial Overlay

Superior Analytics


Manifold Release 8's modern technology delivers the most sophisticated spatial analytics in GIS. Legacy GIS packages have legacy limitations, such as separate layers for polygons, lines and points or tedious preparation to assure no overlaps for polygon-on-polygon overlays. Manifold Release 8 provides a rich selection of spatial engineering tools that automatically handle any topology, no matter how strange, and simultaneously work with mixed polygons, lines and points with automatic blending of mixed database values and mixed projections as well. No other GIS at any price can handle such difficult topological situations automatically.

The Surface Tools option built into Universal Edition automatically computes watersheds. The image shows three watershed areas that are upstream of the three indicated points. Enjoy point and click analytic power with Manifold Release 8.

"Manifold SQL is very fast. I have a Table with 36,961 records. My Query was simple, extract 4 digits for the year from a string making up YYYYMMDD and paste the YYYY into a new column. The Query finished it's work in a second or two, so fast, I had to check that it ran at all."- Manifold Release 8 user

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Manifold Release 8 image server display showing London. With image servers you can see the world!

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