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Radian Studio

Parallel Spatial Data Engineering for GIS and DBMS

Spatial Data Engineering

Overlays are easy in Radian

Radian is a new spatial engineering experience that blends spatial and non-spatial data to enable data discovery, analysis and management by experts and non-experts alike. Everything involves location and anything involving location is only as good as the quality of the spatial data you utilize. Radian provides the world's finest tool for insuring that your spatial data unleashes your insights with superior quality, speed and bulletproof accuracy.

Leverage Everything

Connect to almost any data imagineable, from enterprise DBMS servers to file databases to web servers to zillions of file formats. Radian handles an almost unlimited range of data types in tables, vector data, raster data, drawings, maps and images.

"Because I can use a command window to write native queries Radian is effectively a client for Postgresql, or indeed any other DBMS - I no longer need to rely on PGAdmin." - Forum post

You can blend, extract, transform, load, validate, manipulate, analyze, visualize, discover and slice and dice your data within Radian or in-place in your preferred storage. Other applications can connect through Radian to read/write data sources they otherwise could never touch. Exotic spatial formats? No problem. Radian translates for you on the fly, read and write.

Radian Studio for Spatial Engineering

Built for Speed

Radian itself is one of the fastest, fully-parallel database engines ever created. Guaranteed to keep up with even the fastest enterprise DBMS you use to work with data in-place.

But you don't need an external DBMS: you can easily host large, complex projects and applications entirely within Radian on your desktop. Radian effortlessly cascades and nests hierarchies of projects with zero pass-through performance hit, so a single Radian project can encompass terabytes of data while reaching out to exabytes of data in external servers. On your desktop. Today.

"First of all - Radian Studio! Wow! It is really as fast as advertised." - Forum post.

Radian is so much faster than any traditional spatial file formats that you'll probably want to upgrade your inventory of spatial files to use Radian as your data store. Once transferred into Radian storage a 100 GB image pops open instantly. Large vector data sets that absolutely crush traditional GIS applications pop open in seconds as well.

Supercomputer speed

Your Own Supercomputer

Apply the effortless, easy power of Radian point-and-click dialogs or the infinite power of automatically parallel Radian SQL. Radian unleashes the full power of all the CPU cores in your system and automatically launches massively parallel computations using thousands of available GPU cores for supercomputer computational performance unmatched by any other GIS or spatial engineering tool. This isn't marketing hype: calculations that take minutes without Radian can often be done in a second or two in Radian. Don't settle for fake parallelism that is just distributed data storage. Insist on the real thing, parallel computation. Radian is the real deal: Nothing else comes close.

LiDAR data from ArcGIS REST server with palette by Radian

Above: LiDAR terrain elevation data for Charles County, Maryland, from an ArcGIS REST server. Palette and hill shading done on-the-fly by Radian.

Superior Analytics

Radian's modern technology delivers the most sophisticated spatial analytics in GIS or DBMS. Legacy packages have legacy limitations, such as separate layers or data sets for polygons, lines and points or tedious preparation to assure no overlaps for spatial overlays. Radian provides a rich selection of spatial engineering tools, both point-and-click templates as well as massively complete SQL functions, that automatically handle any topology, no matter how strange, and simultaneously work with mixed polygons, lines and points with automatic blending of mixed database values and mixed projections as well. No other spatial data tool at any price can handle such difficult topological situations automatically.

At your fingertips

Includes Everything

Install one package and you have it all at your fingertips. No need to buy expensive extras or to struggle to integrate separate products. You know how some software wants to charge you a few thousand more for the feature you need? Radian doesn't do that. Radian includes everything, right out of the box. All the extras are already built-in. Launch Radian and you can do it all right away.


No Puzzles

Radian was built from the ground up by a single, professional team as a totally seamless and superlatively complete package that saves you time and money. No need to figure out a jigsaw puzzle of quirky packages and no need to spend days playing software developer. Total Radian integration and legendary Manifold quality set you free to focus on your business.

"When I said "Radian is much faster than PostgresSQL with uncomplicated SQL." I was thinking about the time I spend trying to get PostgresSQL server working rather than how fast queries work. [...] For dweebs like me having to run a database server on your home computer is daunting so a program [like Radian] that has its own database functionality internal and local is much faster in terms of real effort time." - Forum post

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Mount St. Helens region

One meter resolution Digial Elevation data of the Mount St. Helens volcano crater and region to the north devastated by ejecta and lahirs flowing from the catastrophic eruption of 18 May 1980. The terrain elevation model, colored by Radian using a palette, is shown in a map between an upper, partially transparent set of labels from a Google web server and overlaid on a streets vector layer also from a Google web server. The elevation data is over 3 gigabytes and displays, pans and zooms instantly in Radian.

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