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This page provides installation files for Manifold Viewer, a free product. Manifold viewer runs on all recent Windows versions.

If you are looking for installation files for Radian Studio or Manifold System Release 8, please visit the Product Downloads page.

Free updates: To update a Manifold Viewer installation to the lastest release, download and install the current Manifold Viewer version from the links below. Viewer will automaticall update. Manifold Viewer is a subset of Radian Studio and Viewer updates automatically incorporate the latest updates to Radian.

Self Support

No Support: Manifold Viewer is free software that is not supported in any way by Manifold. By downloading or installing Manifold Viewer you agree to self-support using the resources on this website. Manifold cannot assist you with any question on downloads, installation or use of Manifold Viewer. If you would like a supported product, please buy Radian Studio.

How to Download and Install

  • Viewer requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or more recent. Most newer Windows systems include .NET. If your system does not have .NET, scroll down this page for links to free .NET Framework downloads.
  • If you are running 64-bit Windows, download the 64-bit Viewer .exe installation file by clicking on the button below and double-click on it to launch a typical Windows installation.
  • If you are running 32-bit Windows, you must use the 32-bit Viewer installation. Download the 32-bit Viewer .exe installation file and double-click on it to launch the installation.
  • The portable Viewer installation is a zip file for expert users that does not use Windows Installer. Unzip and run directly from the .exe files in the hierarchy it creates. Read the Installations topic for a discussion of portable installations and expert level prerequisites.
  • Flag buttons below provide mirror links that may provide faster downloads depending upon your location.
  • False alarms from anti-virus programs are common. The SHA checksums published below guarantee safe downloads. Use the SHA checksum to verify the download is safe and virus-free.
  • Uninstall any prior Viewer installation before installing a new Manifold Viewer installation. Viewer will co-exist with and can be installed on the same system as Radian Studio or Manifold System.
  • After installation, save the installation file for future use. Windows may need it some day to uninstall or to repair an installation.

Manifold Viewer for 64-bit Windows

For 64-bit Radian Studio Installations


manifold-viewer-9.0.162-x64.exe - SHA256: 7edb264b3ffed970407799a1c0014ea524814a380ad17061db71f3b040ceb700

Manifold Viewer for 32-bit Windows

For 32-bit Radian Studio Installations


manifold-viewer-9.0.162.exe - SHA256: 41206f0ab7a652b7bdfa2cbbfe9fad59f29a0b888782cfb25f7e8163a1fa8c16

Portable Viewer Installation (For Experts)

For Portable Radian Studio Installations

Mirrors: - SHA256: e44a61d09e3a5e4bb168135ab2f3651bb6a6af7305076844946e9753f627cad9


  • Viewer uses Radian System documentation. All Radian Studio documentation is online. See the Documentation page.

Miscellaneous Downloads

Interesting downloads in no particular order:

  • (1024 KB)- A Radian format .map project providing a collection of ArcGIS REST web server data sources. Useful for ESRI people and others, and provides an outstanding example of the very wide range of free data available online that Viewer can see.
  • (12992 KB)- A Radian format .map project providing a beginner-friendly, pre-formatted and pre-organized map that shows archaeological locations in France, including dolmen, menhir, Roman amphitheaters and many other sites. A must have for archaeology and Classics hobbyists visiting France. Learn to use this project in the Viewer Viewer YouTube Video on Archaeology in France.
  • (6592 KB)- A Radian format .map file providing the Books example database used in Chris Fehily's first-rate book, "SQL: Visual QuickStart Guide," a great book for learning SQL.
  • (1024 KB)- A Radian format .map project providing the Charles County, Maryland, LiDAR data sources to re-create the LiDAR display used in the Gallery and other illustrations and in the example in the Viewer YouTube Videos.
  • (5248 KB)- A Radian format .map project providing the Neolithic monuments data set used in YouTube Videos demonstrating Viewer. Useful not only for repeating the videos at home but also for hunting Neolithic relics in France. Cool!
  • (33280 KB)- A new version of the that has been updated to 2017 and expanded with even more meteorites. A Radian format .map project providing a beginner-friendly, pre-formatted and pre-organized map that shows locations of meteorites found on Earth, including meteorites of lunar and Martian origin. A must have for meteorite hunters worldwide to enable planning of more successful meteorite hunts. Learn to use this project in the Viewer YouTube Video on Hunting Meteorites. Special thanks to the Meteoritical Society for providing this snapshot of the Meteoritical Bulletin Database!

Radian Studio Localization Files - Viewer can use Radian Studio localization files to adapt the GUI to languages other than English. Click on the link at left to download a zip file containing a comprehensive German user interface localization file plus starter example localization files for French, Spanish and Portuguese. The portable Radian Studio installation contains the latest, up-to-date English reference version from which any localization can start. See the Localization page for instructions on how to use these files.

SHA Checksums Guarantee Safe Packages

Worried about viruses? Got a false alarm from an anti-virus package? Use SHA checksums to put your mind at ease by confirming you have a safe installation package for Radian or Manifold.

Manifold Viewer installation packages do NOT contain malware. Use the SHA checksum provided for each download package to confirm your installation package has not been infected and contains no malware. Normally, there is no need to do that unless your anti-virus program reports a problem. Anti-virus programs often report false alarms on perfectly-clean, virus-free files. False alarms are easy to check.

If your anti-virus program reports a problem with a Radian or Manifold installation file, you can verify that is a false alarm by using any popular tool (7zip, Microsoft, etc.) to compute the SHA checksum for the installation package you are using. If that SHA checksum matches the SHA checksum published for that package, you know for sure the anti-virus package reported a false alarm.

Windows 10 and other recent Windows editions include the certutil command line utility that will verify the SHA256 checksum for a file. To use certutil open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the folder where the file to be checked is located. Enter the following command line, for example, to check the 32-bit Radian installation package:

certutil -hashfile manifold-9.0.159.msi SHA256

The utility will provide a computed SHA256 hash code (another name for checksum) for the file:

SHA256 hash of file manifold-9.0.159.msi:
1d 65 79 c2 b7 2f aa 99 7f 40 2c c5 1f 92 80 de 73 0c 4f 4a 4c c5 d2 59 bf 74 7e 79 b8 d4 e0 71
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

Compare the SHA256 checksum reported by the certutil utility to the checksum published on this page, ignoring spaces. If they are the same, you know for sure the file you have downloaded is safe.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+

.NET is already installed on newer Windows systems. If your Windows system does not have .NET installed, download and install .NET Framework from these Microsoft links:

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Portable Installation

The portable Manifold Viewer installation package requires installation of Microsoft's Visual C++ Redistributable package. This is included in the 64-bit and 32-bit Manifold Viewer .exe installations but is not included in the portable Manifold Viewer installation. Most modern Windows systems will already have the Visual C++ Redistributable installed. If not yet installed, download the Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable from the following links and install:

On 64-bit Windows system, install both vc_redist.x64.exe (64-bit) and vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit). On a 32-bit Windows system, install vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit). The Requirements page has links to direct downloads from Microsoft for the above Visual C++ Redistributable installations.

Technical Support

The free downloads on this page are provided without technical support. Some downloads are large and require reliable Internet connections. Downloads are provided for those folks who have sufficiently reliable Internet connections and who have the minimal technical skills required to use their browsers to download a file, to unzip a zipfile, double-click an installation file to run it, etc., without assistance. If you require assistance, please ask a more technical colleague for help, retain a consultant, or contact Manifold Technical Support using a paid standard tech support token as set forth in the Contacting Tech Support page.

How to Buy Technical Support Services

Purchase technical support products via the the Online Store. Purchase the technical support product and you will receive by email tech support tokens of the number and class (standard or developer) you purchased. You can then use them when contacting tech support by email.

Contacting Technical Support

Please carefully read the Contacting Technical Support page for complete information on contacting technical support. Support inquiries sent to sales will not only delay a fast and effective solution, they will also waste support tokens.

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