Release 8 Updates

For Manifold System Release 8.00

Updating Manifold

Installing for the First Time?

A Serial Number is Required for installation. If you are a new user downloading Manifold for the first time, please download your installation file from the Product Downloads page. That page has useful information for new users who are downloading Manifold for the first time, including links to other files you might want to download as well.

Radian Studio users: please see the Updates page.

64-bit Installations Require 64-bit Windows

Installing and Using Updates

  • All updates require a working license of Manifold System 8.00. If you do not have such a license, you will not be able to use any of the updates.
  • Updates are provided for those users who can read the instructions and have the technical skills to download the update and install without technical support. If you have any questions regarding the download or installation of an update, that requires a technical support incident. See the Support page for information on tech support.
  • An update is identified by its version, which is a combination of four numeric values, such as You can find the version of your working installation of Manifold in the Help - About dialog. Versions of Manifold starting with have the last numeric value equal to zero, which can be omitted.
  • All updates are cumulative. A newer update will include all fixes and enhancements issued in previous updates.
  • Installing an update will preserve the activation status of your working installation of Manifold and will not require spending new Activation keys.

Uninstall Prior Manifold Versions Before Installing an Update

  • Important: Once an update has been installed, it is a good idea not to delete the .msi file used to install that update until after that update has been replaced by some future release. This will retain the .msi file for any future uninstallation / installation needs.
  • Be sure to completely uninstall the previous version of Manifold, to allow the update to install cleanly. Use the Windows Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs applet to uninstall the prior Manifold version. Problems with Windows installer during uninstallation? See the Windows Installer page for tips.
  • Login as Administrator to install an update. Use the actual Administrator account and not some other account believed to have administrator rights. Users logging in with a different account are sometimes surprised to learn they don't have true Administrator rights in Windows 7 or Vista. See the Administrator Login page for info on how to login using the actual Administrator account.
  • Please read the installation instructions carefully before installing an update. If you are working with an older Windows system that might not yet have the .NET Framework installed on it, don't forget to install .NET Framework 4.0 (.NET Framework 4.0 is required, a change from prior Manifold updates).
  • To install an update, download it, unzip it and double-click on the .msi installation file to install it. Updates are large files, typically 80 to 100 MB, so you will need a reliable Internet connection to download an update without errors.
  • If there are any errors when unzipping the downloaded file, the file was damaged during download or was not completely downloaded. Try again or use a mirror server that may be closer. Users in distant locations with inconsistent Internet links might not succeed even with many tries. If you have a problem with a download, arrange for a colleague or consultant who has a reliable Internet connection to download the files for you.
  • If you are running a web server with one or more web sites which use Manifold IMS, or are running any other applications that use Manifold through the object model, do a clean reboot prior to installing the update.
  • Important Note for Third Party Applications: As of the most recent update all third party modules created with updates before the current update that bind to Manifold DLLs such as Manifold.Interop.dll or Manifold.Interop.Scripts.dll must be recompiled, including standalone applications, class libraries and custom controls using Manifold objects, statically compiled extensions for web sites using Manifold objects, add-in panes for Manifold, custom image server and geocoding server modules for Manifold, and similar third party modules. Built-in image server and geocoding server modules for Manifold are an exception to this and should continue to work seamlessly.
  • Although in many cases modules using Manifold DLLs built for versions of Manifold prior to the current update may continue to work after upgrading, correct operation cannot be assumed unless these components have been specifically tested against .NET 4.
  • The Release 8 User Manual is online at the Documentation page.
  • For local use, download the Release 8 User Manual in Microsoft CHM format.
  • Click the links below to download from Manifold's primary servers. Click a flag link to download from a mirror server that may provide faster or slower downloads depending upon user location and server loads.

64-bit Manifold System Installations

Requires 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Manifold System Serial Number

For 64-bit Manifold Licenses


32-bit Manifold System Installations

For 32-bit Manifold Licenses


Important: Manifold System cannot be installed or run without a Manifold System serial number. Purchase a Manifold System serial number from the Manifold Online Store.

Contacting Technical Support

All questions involving updates require a technical support token. Please carefully read the Contacting Technical Support page for complete information on contacting technical support. Support inquiries sent to sales will not only delay a fast and effective solution, they will also waste support tokens.

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