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Hong Kong is a hyperlink to the world.

Please contact Manifold via email using English language:

Weekends and Holidays: Manifold sales and technical support contacts are not available on weekends and holidays, but will respond promptly during the business week. See the GovHK Holidays page for a list of Hong Kong holidays observed by Manifold.

Detailed Product Information: See the online editions of Manifold user manuals. Try the free Manifold Viewer to get a hands-on look at Release 9 technology. Viewer is read-only but otherwise includes almost all Release 9 features for massively powerful viewing, GIS workflow, SQL and analytics.

Purchases and Payments Purchase Manifold products using a credit card on the Online Store or via a direct PayPal transfer. Please contact for PayPal transfer information.

Technical Support: See the technical support page.

Suggestions: Manifold welcomes suggestions. See the Suggestions page for tips on making effective suggestions to get what you want into Manifold. Vote early and vote often!

Public Relations, Editorial, Advertising, News Organizations: Please contact - your email will be routed to marketing for rapid action.

Legal Contacts: See the Legal link at the bottom of every page on this website.

Go Green, Go Paperless: Please use email instead of old-fashioned paper mail. Save trees, and save the impact on the environment from transporting billions of tons of hard copy mail around the planet. To save trees, Manifold does not respond to written inquiries via hard copy mail.

Address: Manifold Software Limited, Suite 1701, 17th Floor, FWD Financial Centre, 308 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong.

Personal Visits: For security reasons, customer or vendor visits to any Manifold facility require prior scheduling. Contact Manifold by email to arrange a visit.

About Manifold

Manifold Software Limited is chartered in Hong Kong to provide the best possible GIS products and services at the lowest possible cost. Hong Kong's position as the perfect center for development, communications, transportation, regulatory expertise and business ties between Western and Asian organizations allows more efficient project management and cooperation between Manifold's international development facilities and with Manifold's global market customers and development partners, which now represent some of the world's largest development and IT organizations.

Hong Kong is located directly in the center of the world's fastest growing global markets. HK Internet infrastructure is sited in ultrasecure, hardened facilities in some of the world's largest and most modern data centers, with terabit connectivity into one of the world's richest interchanges of major Internet trunklines. High speed connections allow Manifold facilities worldwide to coordinate for seamless development around the clock. Direct flights and visa-free travel enable easy in-person meetings in Hong Kong for business personnel and customers from around the world.

About Hong Kong

As remarked by a long-time Manifold customer, "Hong Kong is a hyperlink to the world." Our city provides a unique platform to leverage the unparalleled economy of scale in Asia for development and markets, while at the same time providing seamless integration with elite GIS expertise in development centers in Europe, a winning combination for creating products that deliver immense development power at unbeatable low cost for Manifold users. Hong Kong also provides extraordinary business and financial advantages that help keep costs low for Manifold customers.

Hong Kong provides unmatched quality for e-commerce: Ranked second or third in the world with New York and London in most rankings of world financial centers, Hong Kong not only provides an extraordinary concentration of banks and other financial institutions, it also enjoys massive global Internet capacity connecting to the world's largest populations of Internet users in China, India, East Asian countries, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia together with massive Internet capacity serving North America, Europe, South America and Africa.

Hong Kong has been ranked first out of 122 countries in the Milken Institute's Capital Access rankings, second out of 70 countries in the Economist Intelligence Unit's e-Readiness rankings, first out of 11 countries in the Asian Corporate Governance Association's rankings, third out of 55 economies in the World Competitiveness Yearbook, fourth out of 178 countries in the World Bank's rankings of the world's best place for doing business, first out of 155 countries for the Skytrax poll of the World's Best Airports, second out of 50 ports in container traffic, first of 38 cities for the Financial Times' Asian Cities of the Future, first out of 75 countries in the FedEx Access Index, first out of 50 countries ranked for potential competitiveness by the Japan Center for Economic Research and for almost 25 years in a row, ranked first of over 175 countries in the Wall Street Journal / Heritage Index of Economic Freedom.

Hong Kong also benefits from exceptional government, legal and tax stability, with rock-solid rule of law and intellectual property respect, a reliable currency, English Law protections against insane litigation and the financial might and ironclad national security provided by China.

At a time when many governments are crushing their economies with massive deficits, the Hong Kong government runs a budget surplus, usually revising its budget to reflect an even larger surplus than expected. Hong Kong's low tax rates of zero percent on income from outside Hong Kong and only 14.5% on local income, no property tax, no capital gains tax and no sales tax or VAT, together with stable, pro-business government provide a decisive financial competitive advantage against high-tax, anti-business locations. Business people are admired in Hong Kong and respected for their wealth and the jobs and prosperity they bring to society.

Hong Kong is so pro-business that private corporations like HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank issue money instead of the government. Hong Kong is so secure that China, with the financial reserves to loan the US over $40 billion per day, moved its gold depository from London to Hong Kong. The business advantages of Hong Kong for companies worldwide are so great that in many years more initial public offerings are issued in the Hong Kong financial market than in New York.

Smart companies worldwide are investing in Hong Kong. For free advice on locating your company in Hong Kong, please visit the Hong Kong government's InvestHK website.

Our Name

Our name is intended to facilitate transactions accounting in multi-lingual global markets. In many organizations procurements are transacted by operational managers and then accounted by other personnel in a different, often non-technical part of the organization. Our company is named Manifold Software Limited so accountants can immediately see from the billing statement that a transaction relates to software from Manifold. This makes reconciliation easier, especially when English is not a primary language.


Suggestions are always welcome. Please see the Suggestions page for tips on making effective suggestions.

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Suggestions to improve Manifold are always welcome. Please see the Suggestions page for tips on making effective suggestions.

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Manifold is a deep technology company creating advanced, parallel algorithms, next-level technology, and computation know-how that powers faster performance and smarter operations.

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