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Trying to recover lost keys is a real pain and there is no guarantee of recovery. If you have lost your serial number, please make a second effort at finding it. The Serial Number email message that delivered your keys to you might still be in your email system.

If you cannot find your serial number even with a second effort, if you still have access to the email address to which it sent there is good chance - no guarantees, but a good chance - that it can be recovered.

Email Addresses Must Work Correctly

The key recovery service sends the recovered serial number to you by email. If anti-spam or any other problems prevent you from receiving that email, the service fee charged will have been wasted.

For a sample list of problems in your email system that may prevent you from receiving emails from Manifold, see the Email Problems page.

General Information

If you have access to the original email address to which the serial number was sent, it is usually possible to recover and to resend a serial number.

Priced at $45 the Limited Key Recovery service product orders an attempted recovery and resending of the serial number email to the original email address used to order Manifold. Use this service when you still have the ability to receive mail at the exact email address used for the original order. Successful recovery is not guaranteed and may not happen.

There are significant restrictions on the use of key recovery services that require careful and attentive customer cooperation in the process if the recovery is to succeed and the serial numbers obtained will be useful:

  • Key recovery services are one time services. If you need to recover a serial number email again you will have to purchase a key recovery service again. If you provide inaccurate information when using a key recovery service product, the recovery will fail and your fee will be used up.
  • If for any reason the email address used does not allow Manifold's emails to get through to you the recovery will fail and your fee will be used up. To try again with corrected information or to try again after making any corrections to your email system, you will need to purchase another key recovery service product. To reduce costs as low as possible, prices have been set assuming customers provide accurate information and are able to receive emails that are sent to them.
  • Key recovery services are available at the cited price via credit card purchases on the Online Store, in the Services category of the product list. Key recovery services are not available by wire transfer or any other method of payment.
  • Key recovery when successful will recover the lost serial number, but that does not guarantee that the recovered serial number has any activations that can be used at the present time, without waiting for additional activations to grow into availability. However, it still will be useful over time, as additional activations automatically become available.
  • Key recovery when successful will recover the lost serial number but that does not guarantee that the recovered serial number has not been revoked, for example, by being traded in for upgrade credit to get a better price on some other product. See the discussion below regarding invalid serial numbers.

It usually does not make sense to spend money on key recovery for inexpensive licenses of very old Manifold releases if the objective is to use the license on a modern Windows machine. Manifold products are generally so low cost that considering the cost of labor for a GIS professional working for an organization it is usually much less costly to simply acquire a new, modern license than to chase around trying to bring a very old license back to life.

Limited Key Recovery $45

This service product orders an attempted recovery and resending of the last Manifold serial number email sent to the given email address.

If the given email address is no longer valid or no serial number email has previously been sent to that email address, the key recovery will fail and the fee will not be refunded - it will be retained as a service fee for the labor involved in the recovery attempt. Successful recovery is not guaranteed and may not happen.

Order this product when you know for sure the exact email address that was used to order Manifold System and you still can receive email at that email address. Please read this page carefully before ordering this product to avoid wasting the service fee.

Instructions for Limited Key Recovery

  1. Visit the Manifold Online Store and add a Limited Key Recovery product to the cart.
  2. Proceed to check out.
  3. In the Check Out page, make sure to use the exact email address that was used for the original serial number email to be recovered.
  4. Check your order carefully before submitting to avoid typographic errors and then place the order.

When the order is processed (up to three business days), a serial number email for the most recent Manifold System product ordered using the email address provided will be reconstructed and re-sent to that email address. If there is no exact match to the email address used for any previous Manifold System order, then processing ends and the fee will be used up to no good purpose. If that happens you will receive an email sent to the given email address informing you that the recovery attempt has failed.

Limited Key Recovery attempts that fail usually do so because the email address given is not the exact email address that was used for that order. The problem is usually that the customer does not remember the correct email address and tries the wrong email address. In that case, the customer could always try again with a different email address (for an additional $45 fee). However, in cases where the email address cannot be remembered with certainty it may be less costly to simply buy a fresh license.


Before ordering key recovery for an older license, double check your records to ensure it has not been traded in, and thus revoked. If you have ever traded in a Manifold System serial number for upgrade credit, the serial number that was traded in has been revoked and is no longer licensed for use. For example, if you originally licensed Manifold System Release 8.00 Professional and then you trade in your serial number for an upgrade credit to obtain a Release 8.00 Enterprise license at a lower price, the Professional serial number has been revoked. It has been traded in for the new Enterprise serial number. The old serial number is no longer licensed for use.

Likewise, trading in a 32-bit Release 8.00 license to obtain a 64-bit Release 8.00 Manifold license at a discount will have revoked the old serial number to provide a new 64-bit serial number.


No tech support bundled in as part of the price of the service. If you have any questions of any kind regarding a Key Recovery order those will require a tech support token for each question. See the Contacting Tech Support page for info on contacting tech support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm having trouble receiving email from the key servers. Can Manifold Sales get my serial number for me and send it to me? - No. The key servers send email directly to you to ensure the privacy of your serial numbers.
  • I don't remember, or, I don't have any information about when our Manifold license was obtained, who ordered it, what email address was used or any of that stuff. How can I get a serial number? - By buying a fresh license at the regular price.
  • My partner and I have split and I no longer have the serial number or required information. Can you send me the serial number? - No.
  • Our former employee left the company and neglected to tell anyone the serial numbers and other information. What can we do? - If you have the information required for Key Recovery, and access to the email address used, spend $45 to recover the key. If you do not have that necessary information you must acquire new licenses.
  • If I lose the serial number a second time, do I have to buy another Key Recovery product to get it again? Do I get a discount? - Yes, you must buy the product again and no, you do not get a discount a second time around.
  • Is there any guarantee I can get in advance that the service will work, before I order the service? - No. It takes as much effort to see if the service will succeed as it does to actually do it.
  • I accidentally made a typographic error when entering information (email address, etc.) for a Key Recovery. Can I cancel the service? - No.
  • Why is this process so annoying and difficult? - Because the person who had care of the serial number lost it, even though Manifold did its best to get that person to refrain from carelessness.
  • I don't understand any of this. I'm not technical, I just inherited this. Can I get tech support to do all of this for me? - No, not for free. If you cannot get a more technical colleague to assist you, simply buying a new license will be less expensive than burning up tech support tokens to try to recover a key.
  • Why didn't anyone warn me I shouldn't lose my serial number? - Serial number emails do warn users in the strongest possible terms not to lose their serial numbers. Every serial number email includes the following "can't miss this" text just before the serial numbers.

Sample Serial Number Email Text

You may be called upon to calm down a colleague who is angry that "no one warned" him or her not to lose their serial number. It may help to remind them that they read the following warnings. If those warnings don't do the trick, what could?



If you lose these serial numbers, you will lose the ability to permanently install or to use the products they authorize, you will lose the ability to re-install your products or to move them to a new machine should you ever need to do so in the future and you will lose any ability to take advantage of future upgrade offers that require a Manifold serial number.

Do not expect that after using a serial number once you can safely lose it. Serial numbers are stored in Manifold products in encrypted form and cannot be recovered from the software installation: you will need these original serial numbers, so DO NOT LOSE THESE SERIAL NUMBERS.


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