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Important Terms and Conditions

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The terms and conditions on this page are part of the general Terms and Conditions of sale and licensing that apply to all orders. They have been provided on this page for easier navigation. By acquiring Manifold® products through the Online Store or by any other means you agree to the terms and conditions and procedures set forth on this page. Do not acquire Manifold products if you do not agree to these terms and conditions and procedures.

The Manifold Online Store provides factory-direct transactions for professionals. Amateur users who feel comfortable with a professional transaction may also use the Online Store to buy direct from Manifold.

Factory direct sales provide wholesale prices even for quantity one purchases but do not provide refunds or free trial software. Factory-direct pricing is only for people who want the lowest possible price direct from Manifold and who either know what they want or are willing to pay a small fee to learn about new software. Customers who require retail, consumer services should buy through a reseller.

For Release 9 Evaluations Use Viewer

Manifold® System is not available in a limited trial edition or demo package. All Manifold licenses are full power, all of the time. Customers interested in Release 9 should try out Release 9 performance and capabilities using the free Manifold Viewer package. For Release 9 technology, Manifold Viewer is completely free and runs forever at no charge.

For only $95 customers interested in Release 8 can acquire a Manifold 8.00 Ultimate x64 license. Given the low price of Release 8, Manifold does not provide trial editions for Release 8.

Additional Information

Information on every possible detail of Manifold products is published online, with thousands of pages linked by this web site. Manifold prices are so low it is easier and more useful to just buy a copy, but for users who want to research the product before buying, all info is easily at hand:

  • For information on Manifold System please see the home page. This includes links to Manifold information pages, including the complete User Manual.
  • For comments by users, see our User Comments page. Included there are very interesting links to informal comparisons between Manifold and other GIS products written by users experienced in those products.
  • For direct access to users, consider posting a question on the GeoReference forum. The forum is well-attended by thousands of users from all over the world. Manifold users often have strong opinions and are not shy about telling you what they think of the product. The forum is also an outstanding resource for Manifold users due to the generosity and expertise of other users.

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Radian Studio

Terrain elevations in Arizona using spatial engineering with Radian Studio, shown in the Gallery page.

About Manifold

Manifold is a deep technology company creating advanced, parallel algorithms, next-level technology, and computation know-how that powers faster performance and smarter operations.

License Manifold® technology to power your company's products, or take advantage of Manifold's off-the-shelf commercial products. Jump decades ahead of your competition.

Manifold® brand products deliver quality, performance and value in the world's most sophisticated, most modern, and most powerful spatial products for GIS, ETL, DBMS, and Data Science. Total integration ensures ease of use, amazing speed, and unbeatably low cost of ownership. Tell your friends!

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