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The terms and conditions on this page are part of the general Terms and Conditions of sale and licensing that apply to all orders. They have been provided on this page for easier navigation. By acquiring Manifold products through the Online Store or by any other means you agree to the terms and conditions and procedures set forth on this page. Do not acquire Manifold products if you do not agree to these terms and conditions and procedures.

Manifold Products are Licensed

All Manifold® software products, including SQL for ArcGIS® Pro, are licensed, not sold, using our standard End User License Agreement (EULA). Please read the agreement to be sure you agree with its terms and provisions before ordering software.

Note that SQL for ArcGIS Pro is licensed to you contingent upon your acceptance of all of the terms of the End User License Agreement, including those that set forth the use of anti-piracy measures such as the SQL for ArcGIS Pro serial number copy protection scheme. SQL for ArcGIS Pro is not licensed unconditionally: it is copy protected using one or more mechanisms intended to reduce software piracy. For example, you may not operate a single SQL for ArcGIS Pro license on many different machines.

If you upgrade the hardware of your machines on a frequent basis, or if you operate them in harsh environments that cause unusually frequent hardware failure, you may run out of license rights. In such cases, you should expect that part of your expense in frequent hardware changes or harsh operating environments will be the cost of acquiring more licenses at additional cost.

Some SQL for ArcGIS Pro features may not run forever. For example, certain command choices in the Help dialog may be aimed at web pages that were active when you first licensed the product. There is no guarantee that such web sites might not move or be discontinued. Likewise, some SQL for ArcGIS Pro features make use of Microsoft or other software that might change in a way that such features are no longer supported. Future editions of Manifold products may be significantly different from the edition you have licensed. Future editions may add or delete features. There is no guarantee that any future service pack, update or future edition of a Manifold product will include the features you favor, or that any future service pack or new edition will be offered to you for free or at a reduced price.

The EULA includes significant restrictions. Read it carefully. Some of these restrictions are operational matters such as a limitation on transfers to another party, provided that the recipient also agrees to the EULA. Other restrictions are also very important, for example, such as indemnification, and the requirement that Manifold can be used only where it is legal. By protecting Manifold's intellectual property, by refusing to license Manifold products for illegal purposes, and by defending Manifold against dysfunctional regimes, such provisions allow Manifold to provide better software at a lower cost to most customers.

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