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Reading Carefully

The terms and conditions on this page are part of the general Terms and Conditions of sale and licensing that apply to all orders. They have been provided on this page for easier navigation. By acquiring SQL for ArcGIS Pro through the Online Store or by any other means you agree to the terms and conditions and procedures set forth on this page. Do not acquire SQL for ArcGIS Pro if you do not agree to these terms and conditions and procedures.

Licenses do not include Technical Support

It is a condition of your license that you agree no technical support services or any other assistance of any kind are acquired with that license and that if Manifold in its sole and exclusive determination chooses to voluntarily provide you with any support services or assistance that you agree to follow published support procedures or other requirements for utilizing such support or assistance that Manifold specifies.

Technical support is generally not provided with any Manifold brand product but must be purchased as a support product. Some SQL for ArcGIS Pro offerings may be voluntarily provided with a limited number of free technical support incidents, typically two standard support incidents by email. Provision of any such free technical support incidents on a promotional basis or the provision of any other support services or assistance by Manifold is not in any way a commitment by Manifold to provide any additional support services or assistance. Any technical support services or assistance provided, either for free or as a result of purchase of a technical support product, are provided without warranty of any kind.

The sole and exclusive judgment of Manifold technical support staff will prevail in any dispute as to whether a support incident is required for support and if so, what kind of support incident (standard, development, etc.). Manifold may at any time choose to withdraw support services or other assistance for any person Manifold in its sole and exclusive judgment determines to be uncooperative, abusive, not following published procedures, communicating false information, misrepresenting licensing status or interacting with support or assistance services in bad faith.

SQL for ArcGIS Pro Includes Flaws

It is a condition of your license that you agree SQL for ArcGIS Pro includes flaws, which may be known or unknown, and that you agree you have sufficient common sense experience in software to be willing to risk utilizing software that is known to be flawed and to have made the decision of your own free will to so utilize SQL for ArcGIS Pro. You agree that Manifold has no obligation to you of any kind to tell you about any flaws that may be in SQL for ArcGIS Pro, whether or not Manifold knows about them or should know about them.

Like all software products, SQL for ArcGIS Pro contain bugs some of which may be known and some of which will not be known at the time you license SQL for ArcGIS Pro. Manifold does not warrant the product to be bug free or even to be free of grossly negligent errors. It is entirely up to the user to review the product, to determine if the user wants to use SQL for ArcGIS Pro. Manifold makes no promise whatsoever that any bugs will be fixed or that if any bugs are fixed that any service pack or new edition that fixes such bugs will be made available for free, for a reduced cost or even made available at all. At the sole and exclusive determination of Manifold, Manifold may choose to voluntarily provide or offer new versions of SQL for ArcGIS Pro as updates, service packs or entirely new versions, or Manifold may choose to provide new products that are similar or not similar to SQL for ArcGIS Pro but the voluntary provision or offering of any such updates, service packs, new versions, related or unrelated products will be entirely subject to whatever terms and conditions Manifold chooses to set forth. Your licensing of any existing version or product offering does not in any way give you any rights to any such updates, service packs, new versions, related or unrelated products.

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