Edit - Export Selected

The Export Selected command appears when a table window or a results table in a command window has the focus.   It enables saving only selected records into a variety of popular file formats used for tables.  The command will be disabled if no selection has been made in the table.


To export all records in a table to an external file, right-click on the table in the project pane and choose Export.


To export all records in a results table, with the focus on the command window choose Edit - Export Results in the main menu.


To export selected records from a table:


  1. Select desired records.
  2. With the focus on the table window, choose Edit - Export Selected in the main menu.
  3. In the Export dialog, enter a File name for the exported data.
  4. In the Save as type box, choose the desired format.
  5. Press Export to export, or Cancel to abandon the export.


Available formats for export:



Exporting to LAS or LAZ requires at least a geometry field in the table.


Formats serviced by Microsoft code such as HTML, MDB, and XLS will be affected by the presence or absence of the required Microsoft components.   See the discussion in the Microsoft Office Formats - MDB, XLS and Friends topic.   To avoid such issues, when exporting for use in Excel, simply export in CSV, which Excel can read with no issues.


Index required for selection - Records in a results table can be selected If the results table contains a field with an index, like the mfd_id field, that would make a table selectable and editable.  If the query that generates the result table does not result in a such a field being added to the results table, then records in the results table will not be selectable.


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