Example: Select a Range of Records in a Table

We can select or deselect a range of records between any two records in a table window using fast and easy mouse commands.   We will use a table showing the locations of  archaeological sites in France.


We begin by Ctrl-clicking on the record at St-Maur-sure-le-Loir to select that record.   Selecting the record by Ctrl-clicking the record also moves the cursor to that cell.



If the record for St-Maur-sur-le-Loir has already been selected, we could have clicked that record to move the cursor onto that record.  Next, we Shift-Ctrl-click on any cell within the desired end record for the range of records we wish to select.



The record we have Shift-Ctrl-clicked is selected, as are all the records in the range between that record and the St-Maur-sur-le-Loir record where the cursor had been positioned previously.   The cursor now is on the last record that we Shift-Ctrl-clicked.


To deselect a range of records we first click a starting record that is not selected to move the cursor onto that record.



For example, in the illustration above we click on the Freteval record to move the cursor record onto that record. Clicking a record does not select it, but simply moves the cursor onto that record.



With the cursor on the Freteval record we Shift-Ctrl-click onto the record for Dolmen Pierre au Gres.    Because the cursor starts on a record that is not selected, Freteval,  Manifold knows we want to deselect all records from that cursor record to the Shift-Ctrl-clicked record.



The record for Dolmen Pierre au Gres is deselected and all records between it and the previous cursor record for Freteval are also deselected.   The cursor is now on the last-clicked record, for Dolmen Pierre au Gres.  


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