GeoJSONL is a text-based format using the .geojsonl file extension that is the same as GeoJSON format but implemented using JSONL, which is newline-delimited JSON.  It is also known as GeoJSONSeq, line-oriented GeoJSON, GeoJSON Text Sequences, Line-delimited GeoJSON, and Newline-delimited GeoJSON.  Manifold can import and link GeoJSON files.  Manifold can also export drawings to GeoJSONL files.


Exporting to GeoJSONL

Manifold can export drawings to GeoJSONL as follows:



Please read the GeoJSON topic for important information about GeoJSON format and Manifold that, with one key difference, applies to GeoJSONL format as well.   The key difference between GeoJSON and GeoJSONL when importing files is that an entire GeoJSON file can be no larger than 2 GB, while there is no limit on the size of a GeoJSONL file so long as any single line (object) within the file is no larger than 2 GB.


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Example: Import GeoJSON File - Import vector footprints for all buildings in the District of Columbia, using a GeoJSON file published as open data by Microsoft.