Install and Launch

There are two types of installations for Manifold: Windows Installer installations and Portable installations.  Portable installations are used for new, "Edge" builds that test the latest features.  Windows Installer installations are used for Base builds that have been in use for a few months.


Manifold Viewer installations are installed and used the same way as Manifold installations, except that Manifold Viewer installations do not require activation and do not use serial numbers.


Manifold products are 64-bit products that require 64-bit Windows.

Windows Installer

Recommended for beginners: A Windows Installer package uses Microsoft's Windows Installer facility to install, modify, and to uninstall programs.  The Manifold Windows Installer package will install any required Microsoft prerequisites if those are not already installed on your system.    When Manifold is installed by Windows Installer, it will appear in the Windows Start menu of applications.


To install Release 9 (Windows Installer package):


  1. Visit the Product Downloads page.
  2. Download the Release 9 Windows Installer package.
  3. Double-click the downloaded .exe file to launch the installation.
  4. Click through any warnings from Microsoft.
  5. Press the Install button and click through the dialogs.
  6. When the installation finishes, press Close.


After installation, save the installation .exe file. You may need it later to uninstall or to repair an installation.


Launch Manifold from the Windows Start button.


To uninstall Release 9 (Windows Installer package):


  1. Launch the Windows Programs and Features applet
  2. Click the entry for Manifold System 9 and press Uninstall
  3. A Modify Setup dialog pops open. Press the Uninstall button.


Portable Installations

For more experienced users:  A portable installation is a .zip file that unzips into a fully-functional package that requires no installation.  Portable installations require manual installation of Microsoft prerequisites if those have not already been installed on the computer.


To install Microsoft Prerequisites:


  1. Visit the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+ page, or download Microsoft's .NET 4.8 installer.
  2. Visit the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable page. Install both vc_redist.x64.exe (64-bit).



The easiest way to install Microsoft prerequisites is to first install Manifold using a Windows Installer package for Manifold.  You can then uninstall Manifold and the prerequisites will remain.


To install Release 9 (Portable installation):


  1. Visit the Release 9 Downloads page.
  2. Download the Release 9 Edge package.  A portable installation is a .zip file.
  3. Move the .zip file into a convenient location where you will unzip it, usually on an SSD for fast launches.
  4. Unzip the file to create a hierarchy of files that contains a file called manifold.exe.


Launch Manifold from a portable installation by double-clicking the manifold.exe.

Uninstalling a Portable Installation

If you no longer want the program on the system, simply delete the .zip file and any unzipped folders and files that are no longer desired.   





The first time Manifold Release 9 is launched it will raise an activation dialog.  Enter your serial number and press the Accept button to activate the license.  Your computer must be connected to Internet to activate.   For details, see the Activation Guide web page.  Information on managing activations is in the Manifold Activation topic.


Manifold Viewer does not require activation and does not use serial numbers.


Database Options

To work with Esri Mobile Geodatabases, PostgreSQL, or MySQL, you must install optional files.  


From the Product Downloads page for Manifold, download the download.  Unzip the zip file that is downloaded, and place the resulting opt folder in the extras folder in the Manifold installation folder.  That provides support for PostgreSQL and MySQL.


To enable work with Mobile Geodatabases, you must also install an optional, external SQLITE3.DLL file that may be obtained from the official sources for SQLite and SpatialLite:



Place the SQLITE3.DLL file in the extras folder in the Manifold installation folder. 


Transformation Grids Option

When re-projecting a component, Manifold can use high-accuracy conversions that utilize transformation grids including NADCON5, NADCON, HARN NADCON, and NTv2 grids, for some regions in the world. The high-accuracy conversions require download and installation of an optional grids.dat file.  The grids.dat file is an optional file because it is 379 MB in size and most users do not use it.


Most users will re-project components using default conversions, and thus do not need the grids.dat file. Those users who want to use transformation grids can download and install the grids.dat file.  When the grids.dat file is installed, the conversion options to use high-precision transformation grids automatically will become available for coordinate conversions that can use them.


Download the grids.dat file from the Product Downloads page.  Install the grids.dat file by placing the file in the extras folder of the Manifold installation folder. The file must be placed in the extras folder itself and not within a subfolder of the extras folder.


The grids.dat file is included within the Base Plus installation zipfile for Release 9.


Change the Language

Manifold uses English by default.  Change the language by providing a localization file.  A localization file is just a small file like (for French) that contains translations for user interface words from English to the desired language.   Download a collection of localization files in the file.  


Change the language:


  1. Download the file. Unzip it to get files for different languages.
  2. Copy the localization file for your language, for example, for French.
  3. Paste it into the same folder as the manifold.exe executable.
  4. If Windows is set to that language, for example, to French, Manifold will automatically launch using that file.
  5. If Windows is set to English, but you want Manifold in French, launch Manifold once in English and then in the Tools - Options dialog choose fr in the Localization box. The next time you launch Manifold it will use French.


For details and information on creating new localization files, see instructions in the Localization topic.

Manifold Viewer

Manifold Viewer is the free version of Manifold.  Manifold Viewer is read-only and will not save projects or export data.  It does not print and does not support scripting.   However, Manifold Viewer includes all other capabilities of Manifold , including full parallel SQL, connections to all data sources and formats, and hundreds of geoprocessing transforms and functions.


Manifold Viewer can save Favorites, like favorite connections to database servers, or links to data or projects we frequently use. Manifold Viewer can also create indices for entire folder hierarchies of LiDAR files.  We can use Manifold Viewer to edit Localization files, to translate the Manifold  user interface into new languages. We also can use Viewer to create amazing displays that we can then use as screenshot images in websites and other publications, and we can copy and paste text, including text for queries, and even data from tables between Manifold Viewer and other applications.


Manifold Viewer installations are installed and used the same way as Manifold  installations, except that Manifold Viewer installations do not require activation and do not use serial numbers.



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