Install Db2 Client

IBM Db2 is one of the largest and most sophisticated enterprise DBMS packages ever created. Db2 is a product of IBM, the company that invented SQL.  This topic is the fourth step in a five topic sequence showing a complete installation, and then utilization, of Db2 for Developers from the very beginning.  Please see Install Db2 topic for basic info on Db2.


Disclaimer: These topics were accurate when written, using the versions of installation software indicated.  Third party packages can and do change, so this topic may be out-of-date.  It is provided as an example of how such installations can be approached.


Installing Db2 and readying it for use in typical installations involves five steps:


Install Db2


Open a Firewall Port for Db2


Create a Database in Db2


Install Db2 Client


Connect to Db2


This is the fourth topic in the above sequence of steps.


So far, we have installed Db2 on our target machine.   We enabled use of Db2 through networks.  We have created a database within Db2 called gisdb.  Now, we will install IBM client software on a desktop machine, so we can connect from that remote machine to the server machine that hosts our Db2 installation.


We are using a 64-bit Windows 10 desktop system on which we have installed Manifold.    We will install Db2 Client software on that machine, so we can connect to the server machine on which we installed Db2.

Install Db2 Client

Every machine running Manifold which will be used to connect to Db2 must have IBM's Db2 Client software installed.    If we want to connect to our Db2 installation from a remote machine running Manifold, we must install Db2 Client software on that remote machine.  That is easy to do.   The following procedure is done on the desktop machine we will use as our remote, client machine.  


IBM packages client software for Db2 within what is called an IBM Data Server Client Package. The best way to get the latest version of the client software is to download the latest Fix Pack for the current IBM Data Server Client Package.  In IBM support nomenclature, an iFix is an interim Fix that is issued between cumulative fixes.   A Fix Pack is issued about every 4 months and contains a cumulative collection of all interim fixes and fix packs since the last release.


How to find the current IBM Data Server Client Packages:


  1. Search for "Download initial Version 11.1 clients and drivers" in Google.
  2. That yields
  3. Click on the link in the "Download 11.1 fix packs for IBM Data Server Client Packages fix pack download page. " sentence.
  4. Click on the most recent link in the Version 11.1 column.
  5. In the resulting page, click on the + symbol for IBM Data server Driver Package and then choose Windows 64 bit.
  6. In the resulting page, check the box for the IBM Data Server Driver Package (not for the Merge Modules) and press Continue.
  7. Sign in with an IBM id, that is, the email address used to create our free IBM account.
  8. That generates a download page, with typically two entries, one for an ALL_LANG (all languages) driver version download, about 104 MB, and one for EN (English only) download, about 74 MB.  
  9. Click the desired download package.


After the package downloads, right-click on it and choose Run as administrator.


These topics use a file called v11.1.4fp4_ntx64_dsdriver_EN.exe (73.44 MB), which is Fix Pack 4, English only.



Press Next.



Check I accept.. and press Next.



Accept defaults and press Next.



Press Install.



Press Finish.



The installation may raise a concluding dialog.   Click No.


We have now installed client software on our desktop machine.  We can launch Manifold and Manifold will be able to connect to Db2 using IBM's own native client software.    In the next topic, we look at an example of connecting to our Db2 installation and using the gisdb database we have created.


Next Steps

Continue this case study on installing Db2 with the Connect to Db2 topic.


See the preceding topic: Create a Database in Db2


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