An ESRI ArcGIS layer package .lpk file is a zipped form of an ESRI file GDB plus layer information for ArcGIS.  The geometry and attributes are in the GDB, which Manifold can extract.  Styling information in the layer information is ignored.


The "zip" format used in .lpk is slightly different than zipfiles as expected by Windows, so we cannot simply change the .lpk extension to .zip and then unzip using Windows.  Instead, we must use a zip utility such as 7-Zip that can handle a variety of zip format variations.   7-Zip can unzip the .lpk file directly with no need to change the three letter extension to .zip.    This topic assumes we have installed and are using 7-Zip.



To extract data from an ESRI .lpk file:


  1. In Windows Explorer, right-click on the .lpk file.
  2. In the context menu, choose 7-Zip - Extract Here.
  3. Navigate into the folder hierarchy to find a folder ending in .gdb.
  4. Within that folder, import or link (as desired) to the gdb file it contains.


Once we use 7-Zip to extract the folder hierarchy from the .lpk file to get a folder name ending in .gdb, the files within that folder make up an ESRI GDB file geodatabase.  We can import data from that geodatabase using the procedures covered in the GDB, ESRI File Geodatabase topic.



About 7-Zip - 7-Zip is free and open source software that provides superb zipping and unzipping, with the ability to handle many zip and non-zip compression formats such as TAR.  Highly recommended.


Manifold Viewer - View GDB Faster than ArcGIS Explorer - ESRI's ArcGIS Explorer product is a free viewer that allows ESRI people to view ESRI GDB Geodatabases, along with other data.  Unfortunately, ESRI has stopped producing Explorer and has replaced it with ArcGIS Earth, which cannot connect to and display ESRI GDB Geodatabases.  The video compares Explorer to Viewer side-by-side so ESRI users can see that if they need to continue viewing GDB Geodatabases for free they can reliably use Viewer for fast, high quality GDB viewing.

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