MAP, Manifold

Import any Manifold .map project file, either for the current Release 9 / Radian .map format or for prior Manifold products, such as Release 8 .map format.



To import from MAP format:


  1. Choose File-Import from the main menu.

  2. In the Import dialog browse to the folder containing data of interest.

  3. Double-click the file ending in .map for the data of interest.

  4. All components from the .map file will be imported.



We can double-click on components that are created to view them.   



Release 8 .map files will import with a good match to colors and with layer order intact in map components.   Release 9 .map files will, of course, import identically to what they would be had they been opened in a new Release 9 project.



Use Folders - Importing .map projects can create many components.   To keep those from being mixed into existing components in a project, first create a folder and then, with the focus on the folder (click the folder in the Project pane to highlight it), do the import.  That will place all imported components into the folder.


Consider LInking and Copy and Paste - Importing a Release 9 .map file is a quick way of getting all components from that project into the current project.   Another approach is to link the other Release 9 .map file into the current project.  That makes available within the current project the entire contents of that other .map project with no reduction in performance.   If we want a local copy within the current project of something from that other project, we can always copy that component from the other project and paste into the local project.


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