Mollweide Projection


A pseudocylindrical, equal area projection. Also known as Homolographic projection, Homalographic projection, Babinet projection, and Elliptical projection.


The Mollweide projection is also provided in interrupted form as the Mollweide Interrupted.




True along latitudes 40°44’ North and South.


Scale is constant along any given latitude and the same for the latitude of opposite sign.




Free of distortion only at latitudes 40°44’ North and South on the central meridian. Distortion is severe near outer meridians at high latitudes.




Occasional world maps, especially thematic maps. Combined with Sinusoidal projection to develop other projections such as the Goode Homolosine and the Briggs.




Presented by Carl B. Mollweide (1774 - 1825) of Germany in 1805. Also known as the Hammer-Aitoff. Mistakenly called the Aitoff projection in the early 20th century. The Briesemeister is a modified oblique Hammer.




Specify the center longitude parameter to center the map projection.