National Grid Projections

National grid systems are set up by countries to provide a standard scheme of map projections for their country. Such systems might use one standard projection type (such as UTM) with specific parameters for standard zones within the country.


Other national grid systems will use different projections for different parts of the country. The US State Plane Coordinate System , for example, uses UTM as well as Lambert Conformal Conic in different State Plane zones.


Manifold includes standardized projections for a vast number of national grids. All have been implemented using local standards for such grids. The detailed description of such grids and how to use them is beyond the scope of this documentation. When working with a particular country's national grid, consult the references published by the national cartographic authority.


Following is a partial list of national grid projection systems available in the Standard tab of the Coordinate System dialog.  Note that the EPSG tab provides many more projections as well, listed by their EPSG standard names and EPSG numbers.



AMG66, AMG84, MGA94 and NSW ISG 56:3


Austria LCC, M28, M31 and M34

Bahrain Grid


Barbados Grid



Hooijberg and National Geographic Institute projections

British National Grid


Canada (NAD)

MTM Zones 1 through 6 using NAD 27 or NAD 83

Canada (Provinces)

Provincial grids for Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Quebec

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Norte, Costa Rica Sud and Costa Rica TM 1990

Dutch Grid

Rijksdriehoekstelsel Grid

Finnish Grid

Finland Uniform Coordinate System and Finland Zones 1 through 4


Entire France, Zone I (Nord), Zone II (Midi), Zone III (Sud) and Zone IV (Corse)

Gabon Grid



Gauss-Kruger Zones 1 through 4 (DHDN). Versions of the Gauss-Kruger projection as used within Germany. See the Gauss Kruger topic.

Greece Grid


GS50 Projection for US 50 States

Provided in both ellipsoid and spherical form.

GS50 Projection for US 50 States (Spherical)





Used in Greece

Ireland Grid



Zone 1 (West) and Zone 2 (East)

Jordan Transverse Mercator



Korea Central, Korea East and Korea West

Lee Oblated Stereographic Pacific Ocean


Lithuania Grid


Luxembourg Grid



Individual projections for Majuro Atoll (Marshall Islands), Palau

(Caroline Islands), Ponape (Caroline Islands), Rota (Mariana

Islands), Saipan (Mariana Islands), Truk Atoll (Caroline

Islands), and Yap (Caroline Islands)

Miller Oblated Stereographic Europe and Africa


Modified-Stereographic Conformal

Alaska ellipsoidal, Alaska spherical and 50 US states

New Zealand Grid

New Zealand Grid, New Zealand Transverse Mercator, Old North

Island Grid and Old South Island Grid


Zones 1 through 8

Oblique Mercator Laborde


Oblique Mercator Spherical


Oman PDO 1993

PDO Survey Datum 1993


Palestine Belt and Palestine Grid

Philippines Grid

Zones I through V

Portugal Grid


Qatar Grid


Romania Stereo 70


Singapore Grid


Spain Grid


State Plane

Numerous zones for the US State Plane Coordinate System using the

1927 (NAD27) or 1983 (NAD83) North American Datum.


Zones 1 through 6


New and Old Swiss grids

Transverse Mercator South Oriented


Trinidad Grid


UK British Grid


United States

Specialized projections used within the United States, including:


  • ATnT V and H (AT&T)

  • California Teal

  • Idaho Transverse Mercator

  • Michigan Oblique Mercator

  • Mississippi Transverse Mercator

  • Texas CMS / ACEA

  • Texas CMS / LCC

  • Texas Shackelford

  • Texas SMS