SQL Functions

There are so many functions built into the Manifold query engine, which are called SQL functions or query functions, that there are too many for most browsers to handle in a single long topic, so this documentation provides topics covering functions in smaller groups, as listed below.  


The Manifold query engine also supports declaring and calling functions, including script functions, functions in external files and compiled functions as .NET assemblies.  




Manifold has so many SQL functions they have been grouped into several topics:








Listings for functions below use the same nomenclature as the function templates in the Query Builder.  SQL functions take arguments as specified in angle < > brackets.  The data type or value type the function returns is given after the : colon.    For example, Chr(<value>) : <string> takes a numeric <value> and returns a text <string>, as noted in the description a string that is a single character.   CoordSystems() : <table> takes no arguments and returns a table.


Examples for functions which use an ? expression evaluation command are intended to be run in a Command Window.   Do not add a semicolon ; character when using the ? command in a Command window.  When using the ? command we use CALL when the function returns more than just a value, for example, when it returns a table.


Indexes are always zero based: for example, in an object consisting of three branches the first branch is branch 0, the second is branch 1 and the third is branch 2.


To find a function it is best when viewing various function topics in a browser to do a Ctrl-F to open a Find box and to enter the function name of interest to be able to jump to that function.  


The lists in topics are comprehensive but new items are often added with updates to Manifold and may appear in the product before they appear in this documentation.   See the list in the query builder tab of the Command Window for an authoritative list of operators, commands and functions.


See the Identifiers, Constants and Literals topic for some useful constants.   For information on functions that use a <filter> argument or which produce a filter definition matrix, see the How Matrix Filters Work topic.



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