Status Bar

A status bar at the bottom of the main Manifold desktop window provides information and tips.  

Activity Indicator

A small dimple in the lower right corner of the desktop changes form and color when Manifold is working in foreground or background.



When the activity indicator shows that Manifold is working, hovering the mouse cursor over the dimple will report the number of active background processes.

Mouse Cursor Position

The current position of the mouse cursor within a window is given by the Position pane embedded into the status bar.




Right-click onto a blank portion of the status bar to turn optional panes on or off.  The Position pane in the status bar by default is on.



The Position pane reports the current mouse position, using Latitude / longitude decimal degrees format by default.   Right-click onto the Position pane to change the format.



The choice of format will persist into future Manifold sessions, until changed to a different setting.


When drawing paths, either for measurement or while editing, the status bar will report measurements in the status bar.



Tips and Information

The status bar provides useful information and tips.



When we choose File - Export the above information appears.


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