Status Bar - Position

The Position pane embedded into the status bar provides the current position of the mouse cursor within an opened window.




Right-click onto a blank portion of the status bar to turn optional panes on or off.  The Position pane in the status bar by default is on.



The Position pane reports the current mouse position, using Latitude / longitude decimal degrees format by default.   Right-click onto the Position pane to change the format.



Available Formats

  Latitude / longitude

 Position using decimal degrees notation.

 Latitude / longitude (deg-min)

 Position using degrees and minutes, with fractions of minutes indicated using decimal notation

Latitude / longitude (deg-min-sec)

 Position using degrees, minutes and seconds, with fractions of minutes indicated using seconds notation.

Pixels / stored

 Reports pixel coordinates for an image.


 Reports unmodified coordinate values exactly as they are stored for a drawing.


 Reports coordinates in the units used by the coordinate system, applying local scales and offsets.


The choice of format will persist into future Manifold sessions, until changed to a different setting.


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