Style Topics

Style: Label Placement

Illustrations showing how labels can be placed relative to their defining point locations.

Style: Label Icon Placement

Illustrations showing how icons can be placed within labels.

Style: Symbol Sizes and Pixels

When using point styles that include precisely vertical or horizontal lines, with some choices of border stroke width and point size we can encounter visual effects where some point symbols seem sharper than others when seen on a computer monitor.  We can deal with that easily, as discussed in this topic.

Style: Channels and Outputs Tutorial

A tutorial example exploring how Style tells images what channels to assign to which outputs.

Style: Autocontrast

A discussion of the Style dialog's contrast controls for images.

Style: Invisible Pixels

Use invisible pixels with images.

Style: Contouring using Colors

Create contours in raster images by coloring by height range.

Style: Hill Shading

Apply shading as if an image where pixel values can be interpreted as heights is lit at an angle by a light source.

Style: Resample

Change how images are resampled / interpolated when zooming far in, to either create a smooth blend of pixels or to show data pixels as ever-bigger squares with sharp edges.

Style: Palettes

Using the Style dialog's ability to apply palettes in images.