Transform - Boolean: Copy

The Copy template appears in the template list when a Boolean field, of type boolean, has been picked in the Transform pane.   It allows copying values from one boolean field to another boolean field.



Copy the boolean values from the source field into the specified boolean Result destination.


Launch the template by choosing a boolean field and then double-clicking the Copy template.  When the template launches we can specify options.



We start with a table with one field of type boolean.   We have used the Layers pane to hide the mfd_id field, for a simpler illustration.



With the focus on the table window, in the Transform pane we choose the Boolean A field and then the Copy template.



In the Copy template, for the Result destination, we choose New Field and then enter Copy of Boolean A as the name of the new field to add to the table.  We could use whatever name we want, but it is wise to use names that remind us of what they are supposed to be.   We leave the Result type at the default float64.


If we preferred, we could have chosen some other existing boolean field in the table.


Press Transform.  



The template creates a new boolean type field called Copy of Boolean A and populates it with copies of values in the Boolean A field.


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