Transform - Numbers: Random

The Round template appears in the template list when a numeric field of type float32, float64, int8, int16, int32, int64uint8, uint16, uint32, or uint6, has been picked in the Transform pane.  The template generates random numbers.




Random number generation.  Produce random numbers between the specified minimum and maximum values, with an option to generate only whole numbers.


Launch the template by choosing a numeric field and then double-clicking the Random template.   When the template launches we can specify options.



We start with a table that has a Samples field that is float64 data type.  We will put the results of the Random template into the Samples field.



With the focus on the table window, in the Transform pane we choose the Samples field, and then we double-click the Random template to launch it.



In the Random template we enter 0 as the At least value and 100 as the At most value.  We leave the Whole numbers box checked so only integers are produced.


In the Result box we leave the default (same field) choice.   If we prefer, we could choose some other field in the table, or we could choose New Field to create a new field for the result.


Press Transform.



The template populates the Samples field with random numbers from 0 to 100, inclusive.  That is, the numbers 0 and 100 could be one of the random numbers produced.


If we want to produce random floating point values, we could do that as well.



Uncheck the Whole numbers box, and press Transform.



The Samples field will be filled with random values from 0 to 100 that are not whole numbers, but which have decimal fractions.  It is possible, of course, that some of random values might be whole numbers, but that is not a requirement.




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