Transform - Numeric Vectors: Expression

The Expression template appears in the template list when a numeric vector field has been picked in the Transform pane.   The template computes the specified SQL expression that evaluates to a numeric vector data type.


Numeric vector fields are fields with ordered sets of multiple numbers, of x2 type float32x2, float64x2, int8x2, int16x2, int32x2, int64x2uint8x2, uint16x2, uint32x2, uint6x2, of x3 type float32x3, float64x3, int8x3, int16x3, int32x3, int64x3uint8x3, uint16x3, uint32x3, uint6x3, or of x4 type float32x4, float64x4, int8x4, int16x4, int32x4, int64x4uint8x4, uint16x4, uint32x4, uint6x4.   


For operations on single numbers, see the Transform - Numbers topic.



Save the result of the given expression into the specified Result destination using the specified numeric type.


Launch the template by choosing a numeric vector field and then double-clicking the Expression template.  When the template launches we can specify options.




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