Transform - Text: Expression

The Expression template appears in the template list when a variable length text field, of type nvarchar or varchar, has been picked in the Transform pane.   The template computes the specified SQL expression that evaluates to an nvarchar or varchar data type.



Save the result of the given expression into the specified Result destination, creating new fields using the specified type.


Launch the template by choosing a text field and then double-clicking the Expression template.  When the template launches we can specify options.



See the Example: Unique Names using Regular Expressions topic for an interesting example using the Expression template.



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Example: Unique Names using Regular Expressions - We have a table with a text field that contains a list of names, separated by commas.  Some of the names are repeated.   We would like to transform the list of names into a similar list, but without any repetitions of names.   This topic shows how using a regular expression.   It shows the power and speed of a concise regular expression, and the flexibility with which regular expressions can be used in SQL queries as well as in the Transform pane.