Transform - Text: Reverse

The Reverse template appears in the template list when a variable length text field, of type nvarchar or varchar, has been picked in the Transform pane.  The template reverses the order of characters in text.  



Reverse the order of characters in the text and save the result to the specified Result destination.  For example, Netherlands becomes sdnalrehteN.


Launch the template by choosing a text field and then double-clicking the Reverse template.  When the template launches we can specify options.



We start with a table that has an nvarchar text field called Country, which contains records with the names of countries.  We have used the Layers pane to hide the mfd_id field, for a simpler illustration.



With the focus on the table, in the Transform pane, the Country field is chosen by default (since it is the only field - we could have chosen it if there were other fields).   We double-click the Reverse template to launch it.



In the Reverse template, for the Result destination, we choose New Field, and we enter Reversed text as the name of the new field.  We choose the default nvarchar text data type offered for the new field.


If we preferred, we could have chosen Same Field for the Result destination, to reverse the text "in place" within the same field.  If the table had other text fields, we could have chosen one of those as the destination.


Press Transform.



The template automatically creates a new nvarchar field called Reversed text and populates it with text from the Country field that has been reversed.




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