Transform - Tiles: Expression

The Expression template appears in the template list when a raster tile field, of type Tile, has been picked in the Transform pane.  The template computes the specified SQL expression that evaluates to a Tile data type.



Save the tile result of the given expression into the specified tile Result destination, creating new fields using the specified tile data type.


Launch the template by choosing a Tile field and then double-clicking the Expression template.  When the template launches we can specify options.




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Example: TileMaskRange Expressions - Using the TileMaskRange SQL tile function within an expression in the Transform pane to mark as missing pixels a desired range of pixel values in a single channel Landsat image. The TileMaskRange function is a fast way to eliminate unwanted black or white regions outside of non-rectangular visible pixel regions, like the black border regions in a rotated Landsat image.