Transform - UUID: Random

The Random template appears in the template list when a Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID)  field, of type uuid, has been picked in the Transform pane.  It allows generating random UUID numbers.



Random uuid generation.  Produce random uuid values.  


Launch the template by choosing a numeric field and then double-clicking the Random template.   When the template launches we can specify options.



We start with a table that has a UUID field that is uuid data type.  We will put the results of the Random template into the UUID field.



With the focus on the table window, in the Transform pane we choose the UUID field, and then we double-click the Random template to launch it.



In the Random template we choose the UUID field in the Result box.  If we prefer, we could choose some other field in the table, or we could choose New Field to create a new field for the result.


Press Transform.



The template populates the UUID field with random uuid values.  





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