View - Order

Appears with tables.   Provides commands to manage sort order of columns.   


In a table window, columns may be sorted by Ctrl-clicking the column head.  Shift-Ctrl-clicking the column head of additional columns will add to the sort, in effect sub-sorting by those additional columns.  The View - Order menu shows the order criteria put into action and allows us to alter the columns used for sorting.



Reapply Order

Reapply the current sort order settings.   Used to refresh order when the data in tables may have changed.   This is not a command to restore previous sort order that has been cleared.  

 Clear Order

Clear any sort order applied.

<ordered columns>

A list of all columns that participate in a sort or a sub-sort.  

<field list>

A list of all columns in the table that may be used for sorting.   Click on one of the sub-menu fields to add it to the sort or sub-sort.



See the Sorting Columns topic for details and examples.


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