What's New in the Latest Build

This topic provides release notes for the very latest builds.  For information on different types of builds and a history of recent builds, see the Changes and Additions topic.

Build 175.1 is a cutting edge build that contains a big set of fixes and improvements for databases, better error diagnostics for operations on data in MAP files, and a rework of query operations for tile masks.  


Databases, Error Diagnostics, and Query Operations







Manifold System 9.0.175

Build 9.0.175 is a Base build.  This build or more recent is a must have build for most users to replace all prior builds, for all Release 9 and Manifold Viewer users.  Build 9.0.175 provides numerous improvements with substantial changes to many topics in documentation, with illustrations now totalling over 12,300 full color illustrations.  For detailed lists of changes, see the build notes in the Changes and Additions topic for builds though

New Activation System

Starting with Release 9 build 9.0.175 and Release 8 build 8.0.31, Manifold® products use a new activation system.  See the discussion in the New Activation web page.



Important: If you do not want to switch over to the new activation system, do not install and activate Release 9 build 9.0.175 or Release 8 build 8.0.31. Activating a newer build using a legacy serial number will automatically upgrade that serial number to the new activation system. That is a one way upgrade: Once upgraded, a serial number cannot be degraded back to legacy status.


While the new system provides great convenience for most people, some licensees may prefer to stay with the old activation system. If desired, licensees can stay with the old activation system by not installing new builds. To stay with the old system, continue using Release 9 build 9.0.174 and Release 8 build 8.0.30. See the Manifold Activation topic for more information.

Other Highlights

Highlights of build 9.0.175 can be grouped into several main sections:


Labels: Numerous additions to labels, such as curved line labels to follow line segments, both on screen and when printed, along with numerous style features such as curved Unicode labels, mixing multiple languages, mixing right to left and left to right languages, multiple lines in labels, shadows, and much more.


Coordinate Systems: Thousands of updates for EPSG 10.19, new Natural Earth projections.


Dataports: Upgrades to GDAL, GDB, SQLITE / GPKG, Esri mobile geodatabases, LAS/LAZ LiDAR dataports, LAS library, and more.


User Interface: Drag and drop from Windows Explorer to import or to link files and data sources into the Project pane, ODBC configuration from About, better copy and paste into GDB and similar data sources.


SQL: Use of double quotes as delimiters, new functions such as GeomWithin, GeomOverlayWithin / GeomOverlayWithinFilter, faster GeomOverlay functions, dramatically faster unindexed joins, specification of field properties when creating tables using SELECT INTO and much more.


For details, see the Changes and Additions listings for builds through   Improvements integrated into build 9.0.175 since build include:

Build 174.4 provides several significant improvements for the query engine and SQL functions, which can provide dramatic speed increases in certain cases.  Other new features provide improvements in Esri file geodatabase (GDB) connectivity and LAS / LAZ LiDAR operations.






Esri File Geodatabase (GDB)




Query Engine




SELECT [area], [code], [name], [geom]

INTO [gdb]::[states] (

  PROPERTY 'FieldGeomType.geom' 'area' -- the default would be 'point'

) FROM [states];



SQL Functions

Build 174.3 provides improvements for LiDAR data use in the LAS and LAS library dataports as well as various system improvements.  Several other development branches (for example, with various improvements to labels) have been maintained during recent builds: changes from these branches will appear in the near future.


Default = Shift-Space,

Create Text = Shift-T,

Create Area Sample = Shift-A,

Create Color Sample = Shift-C,

Create Line Sample = Shift-L,

Create Point Sample = Shift-P,

Create Text Sample = Shift-X.

manifold.exe -odbcupdate

manifold.exe -odbcdelete


Illustrations above: The Natural Earth (at left) and Natural Earth II (at right) projections.    Natural Earth II is a more rounded projection, with smaller polar regions.

Build 174.2 is a quick build to enhance label capabilities, along with some database and UI improvements and miscellaneous fixes.









Build 174.1 introduces rendering improvements and provides a starting implementation of curved line labels, including improvements in Unicode / multi-language labeling for all labels.   The build also provides significant improvements in importing and linking files, such as drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to import or link, as well as upgrades to EPSG.  Upcoming builds will expand on labels, add new features for vector editing, and add various small improvements throughout the system.


Rendering and Labels





Drag and Drop / Import and Link









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