Example: Mouse Selection in a Drawing Window

We use the mouse to select objects in a drawing window.   This could be a drawing layer in a map or simply in a drawing window.




In a drawing window that shows five triangular-shaped area objects and two line objects we draw a mouse box using Ctrl-click and drag.




This selects the single area object that was entirely within the selection box drawn.




Suppose we had drawn the same selection box using Shift-Ctrl-click and drag.




That selects all objects any part of which was within the selection box, four areas and two lines.




We deselect using the Alt key.   We Alt-Ctrl-Click on the small selected triangle in the center of the illustration.




That will deselect it.   


We could, of course, also use the Alt key in combinations such as Alt-Ctrl-Click and drag to deselect all objects entirely within the selection box or Alt-Shift-Ctrl-Click and drag to deselect all objects any part of which is within the selection box.



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Example: Using a Selection Box in a Table - In tables we can use the mouse to select records by drawing a selection box.  Ctrl-click and drag anywhere in the table to select all records with any part in the selection box.   Using the Alt key makes that a deselect: Alt-Ctrl click and drag anywhere in the table to deselect records with any part of the record in the deselection box.


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