Example: Using a Selection Box in a Table

In tables we can use the mouse to select records by drawing a selection box.  Ctrl-click and drag anywhere in the table to select all records with any part in the selection box.   Using the Alt key makes that a deselect: Alt-Ctrl click and drag anywhere in the table to deselect records with any part of the record in the deselection box.




We import the ubiquitous Nwind database often used as an example for database applications in Microsoft Windows and we click open the Customers table.




Using the mouse we Ctrl-click and drag to draw a selection box that touches some of the records.




All records which had any part within the selection box are now selected.




Next, using Alt-Ctrl-click and drag we draw a deselection box that touches some of the selected records.




Those records that were touched by the deselection box are now no longer part of the selection.


Note that in using either the selection or deselection boxes we do not have to fully enclose all of the records.  Simply drawing a box that touches any part of the record, that is, any part of any field in a record, is enough.


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