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Automate a Vast Range of GIS, DBMS, and ETL Tasks

Life is good when you automate GIS tasks

Easy Automation · Powerful · Fast !

New ! Manifold® Commander is a console application version of Manifold that provides the full range of Manifold SQL query and scripting capabilities from a command line, making it easy to automate tasks. Enjoy the power to run almost any GIS, DBMS, or ETL job imaginable, no matter how complex and demanding, launched automatically whenever you want.

Manifold provides hundreds of functions to operate on spatial data like vector or raster data, to manipulate all kinds of data in tables and databases, to do complex mathematical analyses and transformations, all with CPU parallelism to run on all threads and all CPU cores, and boosted with automatic dispatch to massively parallel GPU computations, potentially using thousands of GPU cores. Do in seconds what old-fashioned ETL software does in minutes or hours.

Commander is like having a factory full of GIS and DBMS robots ready to swing into action to accomplish whatever job you want, directed using the full breadth and depth of SQL or scripts in any of the ten programming languages Manifold supports - endless power at your fingertips.

Commander launches from a command line such as in a Windows Command Prompt window, or in a .bat batch file, or from a Windows PowerShell script, from within Windows Task Manager to automate tasks.  Commander can run either SQL queries or scripts from within a specified .map file, and Commander also can run scripts from a specified script file stored outside a Manifold project. Script in ten different languages!


Like having your own factory full of GIS and DBMS robots
  • Your own Automated Factory - Commander provide an automated production line for accomplishing nearly any GIS, DBMS or ETL task. String together any of hundreds of functions using whatever logic you want in scripts, or take advantage of the higher level functionality you get with SQL that automates routine infrastructure for you. Manifold features like the Transform pane will automatically write SQL that accomplishes what you've set up using point and click templates. It's like being able to tell a factory full of robots what you want them to do.
  • Built into Universal and Server Editions - Manifold Release 9 Universal and Server licenses include Manifold Commander. Installing either Release 9 Universal or Release 9 Server automatically installs Manifold Commander. When you buy Release 9 Universal for $195 you automatically get Manifold Commander as well. There is no need to make any additional purchases to get Commander.
  • Simultaneous Use with Interactive Sessions - Universal and Server licenses allow simultaneous use of Manifold in an unlimited number of interactive sessions, even while an unlimited number of Manifold Commander sessions can be launched in background. Run automated tasks on the same computer at the same time as you continue to work interactively with Manifold.
  • Automation with SQL and Scripts - Commander allows running queries within a Manifold project or scripts either within the Manifold project or in external files. Commander allows launching commands to automatically do work without having to manually launch Manifold and operate it interactively.
  • Replace Costly and Slow ETL Tools - Commander is Manifold, so just like Manifold it runs fully parallel, with incredible parallel CPU and massively parallel GPU speed. Queries and scripts provide access to the full power of Manifold, enabling use of hundreds of Manifold functions and the full power of SQL and scripts to interact with data in databases or in any of hundreds of formats and data sources, to transform that data including spatial transformations like high precision coordinate system conversions, to do analyses, and to save the transformed data or results or output to desired formats. Replace costly, non-parallel tools like FME at a fraction of the price.
  • Schedule Tasks - Using Windows Task Scheduler you can launch tasks using Commander on a regular schedule, such as updating a CSV every night for serving to clients, updating databases, or converting files into different formats.
  • Generate New Files - Commander can automatically write output to new files, with the type determined by the file extension. Create new .map project files, or write to formats like Esri file geodatabases or SQLite.

See the Manifold Commander user manual topic for details and illustrated, step by step examples.

Slice through complex GIS and DBMS tasks with ease and speed

Fast GIS is Fun GIS

Super fast speed brings a new level to "ease of use" - GIS is way easier when everything happens fast, even with bigger data, and you don't have to wait around for many seconds or minutes for jerky web interfaces or slow desktop software to do what you want. Do in seconds what takes minutes or hours in other GIS packages. Life is too short for slow GIS!

Manifold provides hundreds of vector and raster geoprocessing tools that with a point and click run ten, fifty, or even one hundred times faster than Spatial Analyst or other Esri toolbox equivalents. Manifold plays well with Esri to make it easy to add Manifold speed to your GIS workflow, or to use Manifold as your primary GIS for even greater productivity.

SQL is automatically CPU and GPU parallel in Manifold, automatically taking advantage of many threads and potentially thousands of GPU cores for incredible speed. Scripts can also call hundreds of parallelized functions to use Manifold parallel power to cut through even the most complex task. Best of all, superior Manifold quality means you can run Manifold interactively all day, every day for over ten years without expecting a crash. Even the most complex jobs get done reliably, every time.

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Mount St. Helens region

One meter resolution Digial Elevation data of the Mount St. Helens volcano crater and region to the north devastated by ejecta and lahirs flowing from the catastrophic eruption of 18 May 1980. The terrain elevation model, colored by Manifold using a palette, is shown in a map between an upper, partially transparent set of labels from a Google web server and overlaid on a streets vector layer also from a Google web server. The elevation data is over 3 gigabytes and displays, pans and zooms instantly in Manifold.

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