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The Manifold® Internet Map Server (IMS) is a built-in part of Manifold System Release 8.00 Ultimate x64. When Manifold Release 8.00 is installed on a machine running a compatible web server (such as Microsoft IIS), Manifold IMS will work together with the web server to GIS-enable web sites. For a single, flat fee of $95 per web server, you can outperform old-fashioned IMS or GIS server software that cost tens of thousands of dollars more, with far greater reliability as well.

Publish interactive GIS projects. Visitors can pan, zoom, run queries and click on a variety of buttons, such as info buttons to get information. Manifold IMS allows you to create dynamic websites that show your mapping and GIS data and allow visitors to interact with that data.

Websites can be simple displays that allow visitors to view data, turn layers on and off and query database information associated with the map, or they can be elaborate sites employ custom programming to enable users to interact through the web to edit data as well as display it. Click on the thumbnail at left for a simple example created in just a few minutes with no programming required. See more examples at the Live IMS Examples page.

Illustration, Above: Gerrymandering in action - A GIS-enabled website created with Manifold IMS in fifteen minutes using a default template. Click the image to open the website live - enter barton in the Find box and click Go to find that district. The site shows historical gerrymandered districts from the 107th Congress. Using a Runtime License the cost of such capabilities is effectively zero.

Key Benefits

Manifold IMS provides a visual gateway to geospatial data. IMS highlights include:

  • Fast and easy: No programming required. - An experienced Manifold user can create a web site for a Manifold project using IMS in under three minutes. Create basic IMS web sites from templates with no programming required. Web programmers, of course, can customize IMS web sites or create fully custom applications as they see fit.
  • No special clients required - No need to pay for client software or to require visitors to your web site to download and install special clients. Visitors can use ordinary, free web browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • What You See Is What You Get. - Because Manifold IMS is an integral part of Manifold the same GIS engine renders visual displays to the web exactly as they are seen in desktop Manifold sessions. No need for complex programming to make your web site look like what you created in your GIS - that happens automatically with Manifold.
  • Vast range of data sources. - Manifold can connect to images, drawings, surfaces, maps, tables and other data using over one hundred different file formats and the widest range of database connectivity in GIS. That makes it easy to use your data in geospatial web sites almost no matter what the source.
  • Dynamic database connections. - Automatically utlize data from databases, using that data to color or otherwise format the display and to provide "live" information through the IMS web site directly from databases. Visitors can double-click on objects in the display (such as icons or areas or other objects) to launch hyper-linked information. For example, double-click on a house icon and launch a browser showing pictures of that house from various angles
  • Publish GIS data using advanced protocols. - Manifold IMS not only publishes through HTML, it also is an OGC WMS server, an OGC WFS-T server and a full-power Image Server. Users can write their own applications to leverage the full power of IMS in endless custom applications. For example, a client could visualize GIS data using OGC WFS-T and then allow clients to edit that data, pushing changes all the way through IMS into a spatial DBMS data store such as Oracle Spatial. All that for only $225 per server!
  • Fastest and most capable IMS. - Manifold IMS runs as a true, native 64-bit application in Windows x64 64-bit web servers, and Manifold takes full advantage of multi-core / multiprocessor hardware. Running true 64-bit and multi-core / multiprocessor provides an enormous performance advantage over old-fashioned IMS servers that can only run 32-bit and single-core / single processor. Get more power, run more hits, get rock-solid reliability and pay less!
  • Nearly zero cost for GIS. - Creating a GIS application as a web application using IMS means the GIS part of your application is virtually free. A 64-bit Release 8 license for a web server is only $95 so you can potentially run hundreds of thousands or even millions of hits per day for years at the cost of a single, one-time, fully-paid license fee of only $95 per web server. That's a single, flat fee per web server no matter how many processors are in your web server, running as many web applications as you like with as many visitors as you want: a single flat fee of $95 is all you pay.
  • Rock solid, bulletproof reliability. - Manifold delivers by far the most reliable GIS around. Each release delivers ever more quality with free updates to assure total dependability. For maximum enterprise reliability, choose 64-bit Manifold editions to take advantage of the superior uptime of 64-bit Windows, so that not even operating system flaws will interrupt service.

Illustration, Above: A very simple, GIS-enabled website created in five minutes using a default template with Manifold IMS. Click the image to open the website live. The site overlays roads and hydrography layers on a synthetic surface created and colored by Manifold from USGS data taken from a Space Shuttle mission. The diagonal valley is the San Andreas Fault, from which emanated the earthquake that destroyed San Francisco in 1906. Using a Runtime License the cost of such capabilities is effectively zero. If this can be done in five minutes, what could you do in a hour?

Gallery of IMS Web Sites

See the Live IMS Examples page for numerous examples of IMS web pages.

More Information

Visit the following pages for additional, detailed information on Manifold IMS:

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  • Top 10 IMS Advantages - The top ten advantages reported by Manifold users over using old-fashioned, archaic IMS products.
  • Live IMS Examples - Live examples of IMS running on servers, with links to complete source code for examples.
  • What to Buy for IMS - Advice on what specific Manifold editions to acquire for IMS development and deployment in various circumstances.
  • IMS FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Programming Manifold - A User Manual topic that discusses the merits of creating applications as web applications using IMS.

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Illustration, left: The Manifold Internet Map Server can serve a vast variety of data, including CAD drawings. The illustration shows detailed plans of a theater in New Zealand, used by theater professionals to plan performances. Using a Runtime License the cost of such capabilities is effectively zero.