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Manifold® Release 9 provides scripting using ten built-in or supported languages. Popular languages like JavaScript, IronPython and IronRuby can be edited and executed from the Command window, using the Command window as a REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) console.

Six scripting languages are always available in every Manifold installation without requiring any additional installation of any kind, either because they are built into Manifold like C#, JScript, JScript.NET, VB.NET and VBScript because they are automatically available within Microsoft facilities that are required for any Manifold installation.

Five more languages, F#, IronPython, IronRuby, PerlScript and PythonScript, are supported when they are installed.

Only $145, fully paid. The world's most flexible GIS for scripting is only $145. Amazing! That's the fully paid price for Manifold System Release 9. The fastest and most powerful GIS ever created now also has the world's lowest cost of ownership.

Getting Started

Visit the API Documentation for complete details and many examples of scripting in Manifold. Visit the User Manual to learn how to use Manifold interactively and to get a good conceptual foundation for programming Manifold.

"The initial C# examples on the API web site are certainly beautiful" - Forum post

The API Documentation provides total details on the API and also provides hundreds of examples, many of which are provided in three versions: C#, VBScript and IronPython.

The API examples below provide side-by-side C#, VBScript and IronPython code to connect to an IMG file and retrieve a table that contains image data. The file format can be ERDAS IMG, ENVI IMG, IDRISI IMG or any other supported technology that matches the filename.

New Scripts

Manifold creates new scripts with a text stub that provides a "Hello, World!" example in that language. Following are examples of the default "Hello, World!" scripts which Manifold creates automatically when a new script window is opened using a Manifold supported scripting language.











Interact with SQL

You can use snippets of SQL everywhere in Manifold, including within scripts, and you can use scripting to create functions called by SQL. Scripts can use the vast range of Manifold SQL query functions as if they were implemented in the object model.

Manifold is Agnostic

Manifold is completely agnostic about programming languages, as can be seen by the wide range of languages which are directly supported for scripting in Manifold. C#, JScript, JScript.NET, VB.NET and VBScript are supported and are always available because of the Microsoft environment required for Manifold. Manifold also supports F#, IronPython, IronRuby, PerlScript and PythonScript, which are easy to install if desired.

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Manifold speaks your language

Manifold speaks your language: Easy, user-editable localization files allow users to configure the Manifold GUI to whatever langauge they want. Download starter files in English, German, French Spanish and Portuguese today.

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