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Dynamic Data from the Web

CloudMade / OpenStreetMaps view of Westminster

This page provides links for downloads of Manifold Image Server modules and Manifold Geocoding Server modules, including example source code. Downloads are intended for Manifold System Release 8. Manifold Viewer and Release 9 have image server modules already built-in.

  • Image server modules use the Manifold Image Server Interface to automatically fetch image tiles from popular image servers like Virtual Earth, Wikimapia, CloudMade, Yahoo!, Google Maps, Yandex, NearMap and many others. Image servers can provide street maps, overhead satellite imagery, combinations of streets and satellite imagery and other data as well.
  • Geocoding server modules use the Manifold Geocoding Server interface to provide a geocoding data source that can be used by Manifold geocoding features. Geocoding servers for and Microsoft Virtual Earth are provided.

The image at right shows a CloudMade image server view of Westminster in London, England, using OpenStreetMaps open source street data. Image servers can provide fantastic street level detail, down to outlines of individual buildings. In many international settings, image servers are by far the best way to create detailed background maps or to acquire satellite imagery.

Hunting Meteorites See the power of Image Servers: Watch the Hunting Meteorites YouTube video of Manifold Viewer using image servers to provide backgrounds for hunting Meteorites.

Getting Started

Download a zipfile containing image server modules from the links below, unzip it and follow instructions in the text file to install it into your Manifold Release 8 installation.

Very important: All files in this page require the latest version of Manifold Release 8 - they are useless if you don't have Manifold Release 8 installed and running on your computer. Purchase Release 8 from the Manifold Online Store.

  • Use of any geocoding features in Release 8 requires installation of the Geocoding Tools extension or installation of a Release 8 license such as Universal Edition or Ultimate Edition that includes Geocoding Tools features as a built-in part of the license. For information on Geocoding Tools product options, see the main Geocoding Tools page.
  • If there are any errors when unzipping the downloaded file, the file was damaged during download or was not completely downloaded. Try again.
  • If you have questions about using image server modules, please read about image servers in the Linked Images from Manifold Image Servers topic in Help and read the related topics, tutorial and examples cited in the main topic. Ask questions on user forums and leverage the open community. This is open source stuff - you know the drill.
  • If you have questions about using geocoding server modules, please read about geocoding servers in the Manifold Geocoding Servers topic in Help.
Yahoo! transparent street map over Virtual Earth satellite image map view

Looking for product downloads? Visit the Product Downloads page if you have just acquired Manifold Release 8. Visit the Updates page if you already have Manifold Release 8 and wish to download the current update.

(Illustration, right): Yahoo! transparent image server street view of the Isle de France in Paris, showing Notre Dame cathedral, overlaid on a Virtual Earth satellite photo layer.

No tech support is provided for downloads from this page. By downloading you agree there are no warranties for any files from this page. Some files on this page may have been provided by Manifold and some may have been provided by third parties.

Exploring archaeology in France See the power of Image Servers: Watch the Exploring archaeology in France YouTube video of Manifold Viewer using image servers to zoom into archaeological sites in France. Find Roman amphitheaters and Neolithic monuments!

Server Module Downloads

The downloads below package the latest editions of image server and geocoding server modules in convenient collections as a single zip file. The modules they contain are already compiled and ready to use with either 32-bit or 64-bit Release 8 installations.

Recommended download: (36 KB) - A zipfile containing a collection of updated image server modules, already compiled into .dlls and ready for installation and use on 32-bit Windows or 64-bit Windows systems. Unzip the file and copy the resulting .dlls into the bin64 file. Use of free image servers is one of the most popular features of Release 8 for all users. These are often the only sources of maps in some international locations. See the Image Servers page for information.

Yandex street map view

(Illustration, right): Yandex image server street view of Revolution Square in Moscow, showing individual buildings and street numbers. (10 KB) - A zipfile containing a collection of geocoding server modules for and Virtual Earth, already compiled into .dlls and ready for installation and use on 32-bit Windows or 64-bit Windows systems. Unzip the file and follow instructions in the GeocodingServersPack.txt file.

Source Code

Source code is NOT ready for use by non-programmers. Do not download this if you are not a programmer or are not familiar with .NET. (51 KB) - A zipfile containing source code for all image server and geocoding server modules originally issued for Release 8, but not updated to the latest image server URLs. Open source code - free to use by anyone with the programming skills required. Requires compilation.

About Projections

Yandex combined street and satellite map view

When using image server layers in map components, always create the map component from the image linked from the image server. Do this by right-clicking on the image in the project pane and then choosing Create - Map. This will assure that the map component uses exactly the same projection as the image linked from the image server. Images linked from image servers cannot be reprojected, so they will not appear in a map component that utilizes a different projection than the image.

(Illustration, right): Yandex transparent caption image server street view of Revolution Square in Moscow overlaid on Yandex satellite photo, showing individual buildings and street numbers.

To use layers from other components in the same map as an image server layer, create the map from the image server first and then drag and drop the other components as layers into that map. The map will re-project those other layers on the fly. If the layers (such as drawings) are large and are slow to display, right-click on that layer's tab and choose Project to Map to re-project them into the same projection used by the map and the image server layer.

If two image servers use the same projection you can use them together in the same map component and both will appear. Almost all image servers use Mercator projection, but not all use the same datum. All image servers except Yandex use a datum Manifold calls "WGS84 (Auto)", which sometimes behaves like an ellipsoid and sometimes like a sphere (blame Google for that kludge). Yandex uses true WGS84. This is far more cartographically accurate, but due to the difference in datums you cannot overlay images from Yandex in the same map with images from other servers.

Other Release 8 Downloads

CloudMade Cyclemaps example

Manifold provides the downloads below at no charge. These products do not require serial numbers; however, they work with Manifold Release 8 so they will not work if you do not have Manifold Release 8

(Illustration, right): Many third parties create wonderful image servers, like this detail from a CloudMade Cyclemaps server by James Kelly posted on the Manifold user community forum.

  • (820,808 KB) - Caution: 801 MB in size. A zip file containing the Manifold US Geocoding Database, an optional geocoding database that may be used with the Geocoding Tools extension for street address geocoding of US addresses. Useless outside the US or if you do not have the Geocoding Tools extension. This download is strongly recommended for all Geocoding Tools users in the United States.
  • Data Downloads - A web page providing links to download data sets formerly distributed on the Release 8 DVD.
  • (8,601 KB) - A zip file containing image server modules and a US base map that is used in the Exporting KML to Google Earth tutorial topic in Help (an always popular, highly visual topic!).
  • (26 KB) - The Manifold Spatial Extender for SQL Server installs on SQL Server machines to add high-performance, server-side spatial indices to work in conjunction with Release 8 spatial DBMS facilities. The zip file contains the extender DLL, an install / uninstall utility, and a readme file with installation instructions.
  • (201 KB) - The Manifold Traditional Topology Tools add-in for Release 8 x64 installations.
  • (175 KB) - The Manifold Traditional Topology Tools add-in for 32-bit Release 8 installations.
  • (419 KB) - A zipfile containing the Manifold Release 8 Object Model poster in four, ready-to-use sizes: As a .png image file, and as PDF files for A2, A3 and A4 sized paper.
  • (3,050 KB) - A zipfile containing a Manifold Release 8 project containing an example Montara Mountain terrain elevation surface together with a sample formula useful for doing demos of NVIDIA CUDA hardware.
  • (12 KB) - A small zipfile containing the installation information and .asp service launch file provided on the Release 8 DVD for License Server users. Completely useless if you are not operating the $1995 License Server product.
  • Programming Examples - Programming examples showing common tasks using scripts.
  • Routine updates - Manifold licensees may download and install routine updates at no charge. Routine updates provide bug fixes in between major releases and often provide new features as well. Manifold Release 8 will automatically check for new updates and will report if a more recent update has been made available.
  • Free Stuff for Manifold users - A collection of links to examples and other useful items for free download

No Technical Support

The free downloads on this page are provided without technical support. Downloads are provided for those folks who have sufficiently reliable Internet connections and who have the elementary skills required to use their browsers to download a file, to unzip a zipfile, read and follow the installation .txt files, etc., without assistance. No tech support is provided for problems with downloads.

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