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The first time you run Manifold it will raise an Activation dialog. Enter the license serial number to activate the license on that computer. It's that easy.

Activation authorizes that computer and removes authorization for that license from any other computers.


  • You must have a valid Manifold serial number to activate your Manifold license.
  • The system must be connected to Internet, and must be allowed to contact Manifold's servers
  • You must have downloaded and installed the correct Manifold installation package for your license.
  • This page applies to all current Release 9 and Release 8 builds. Upgrading from deprecated builds to current builds? See the New Activation web page. For the activation process used in deprecated builds, see the Legacy Activation web page.

If something unexpected happens during activation, do not persist. Instead, get help using free Activation Support.

How to Activate

Activation allows each license to run on a single computer system.

  • Install Manifold following the instructions in the Installation page for your Manifold license.
  • Launch Manifold. If the license has yet to be activated, an Activation dialog will pop open.
  • In the Activation dialog, enter your Manifold product serial number. To avoid errors, copy the serial number from the original serial number email message and paste it into the dialog.
  • Press the button to activate.

A license can be moved from one computer system to another, or re-activated on the same system after major hardware or Windows system changes. See the About Activation page for how that works.

Additional Users

The procedure above activates the license for whatever user login was used during activation. You can activate the license for other user logins without using up any more of the license's activations.

If someone else logs into that same machine using a different login and launches the add-in, the Activation dialog will pop open for them. They can activate Manifold for their login by entering the serial number. Activating for another user login on the same computer will not use up any more of the license's activations.

Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are sent by email when a license is purchased. If you have not received the serial number email, check your email system's spam folder, or for other Email Problems.

If you do not have a valid Manifold serial number you can procure a license on the Online Store to obtain a serial number. If you lost your serial number, you may or may not be able to recover it by purchasing a Key Recovery service product.

See the About Activation page for a a quick discussion about how activations grow back after use, so they can be used again and again, for example, to move a license to a different computer or to re-activate after major system changes on the same computer.


  • Check your computer's date and time to make sure it is reasonably accurate.
  • Turn off any third party software, like virus checkers, that may prevent or limit installation of packages like Manifold.

Please visit the Activation Troubleshooting page for a quick troubleshooting checklist that solves 99% of activation problems.

For even more detail, see the Activation Frequently Asked Questions page for a comprehensive list of questions and answers.

Getting Assistance with Activation

If the tips in the Activation Troubleshooting page do not help, the fastest way to solve any activation problem is to read and apply the instructions in the Installation and Activation User Manual topic. Although tech support responds rapidly to activation questions it is faster to read and to apply a topic since that will usually solve the problem right away.

Please see the Activation Support page for information on contacting tech support for priority assistance with any serial number or activation question. No tech support token is required for activation questions if the given procedure is applied. Users who do not wish to use the free procedure may get customized activation support by purchasing and utilizing technical support tokens.

Useful Links

Pages especially useful for installation and activation:

  • Status Page - Get status on a serial number to see what product it authorizes, the status of activations, whether the serial number has been revoked.
  • About Activation - A quick discussion about how activations grow back after use, so they can be used again and again.
  • Installation and Activation - Illustrated, step by step, Release 9 User Manual topic. Release 8 works the same way.
  • Activation Troubleshooting - Provides a quick troubleshooting checklist that solves 99% of activation problems.
  • New Activation - Important information for users who are upgrading from older, deprecated builds to current builds.
  • Activation Frequently Asked Questions - The title says it all.
  • Activation Support - How to contact tech support for priority assistance with any serial number or activation question. No tech support token is required for activation questions using the given procedure.
  • Product Downloads - Download the latest installations for the current release of Manifold.

Legacy Guide

This page provides an activation guide for current builds of Manifold System Release 9 and Release 8. Deprecated (older, out of date) builds of Release 9 and Release 8 may use a different activation mechanism. For an activation guide for deprecated versions, see the Legacy Guide page.

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