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All current Manifold products are 64-bit. This page provides installation files for deprecated, 32-bit versions of Manifold products. Installations on this page are not supported by Manifold.

  • For current, supported versions of Manifold products visit the Downloads page.
  • If you do not have a Release 9 or Release 8 serial number issued before July, 2022, there is no guarantee that a newly-procured serial number will activate a legacy installation like those on this page.
  • Manifold Viewer is a free product that does not require a serial number.
  • Base builds do not time out.

Installation packages on this page provide 32-bit versions of Manifold products in the last Base builds available before support for 32-bit versions was dropped in 2022.

32-bit Release 9 Base · Windows Installer (.exe File)

For 32-bit Release 9 Installations

SHA256: 087c055a5fef3faa12f52712f61217254b8797fa2253b437d9588a8131eb7a5b

32-bit Release 9: This is the final 32-bit Base Release 9 build in a Windows Installer installation package for 32-bit Windows systems. Uninstall any older Windows Installer Release 9 installations before installing. After installation, save the .exe file for future use.

Release 9 Base Plus · Portable (Self-Contained Zip File)

For Portable Release 9 Base Plus  Installations

SHA256: a69a671a7c0f048556f80be17cb5b89d19428f2fd64f87ca232831f8a2f5dfd3

Includes all Options · For 64-bit and 32-bit Windows: Approximately 450 MB. The Base Plus zip file is the final 32-bit Base Release 9 build in a portable installation plus optional, third-party software that provides IronPython scripting and MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and SQLite drivers for ESRI ST_GEOMETRY within SQLite databases. It also includes the full 233 MB grids.dat data file with hundreds of grids used in NADCON (USA), HARN NADCON and NTv2 grid transformations for Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. This archived file is provided for working with those transformations or with MySQL or PostgreSQL/PostGIS with the final 32-bit Release 9 build.

Important: This is an archived package that contains an obsolete 64-bit build that was packaged with the final 32-bit build. For 64-bit Manifold operation, download and use a current 64-bit build.

32-bit Release 8 Base· Windows Installer (.exe File)

For 32-bit Manifold Licenses

SHA256: d44cf4578db8fc84797b9df9edf2db5abc69a3b992e68f55bc9679c5f41e8113

32-bit Release 8: This is the final 32-bit Base Release 8 build in a Windows Installer installation package for 32-bit Windows systems. Uninstall any older Windows Installer Release 9 installations before installing. After installation, save the .exe file for future use.

32-bit Viewer Base · Windows Installer (.exe File)

For 32-bit Manifold Viewer Installations

SHA256: 1e85cb72b66268ec9ef542b526121119497ddbc7a28b70dcf50814eb9ee34418

32-bit Viewer: This is the final 32-bit Base Viewer build in a Windows Installer installation package for 32-bit Windows systems. Uninstall any older Windows Installer Viewer installations before installing. After installation, save the .exe file for future use.


All Manifold documentation is online. Visit the Documentation page for user manuals for Manifold products.

Localization Files - Use Your Language

ui.zip - Click on the link to download the current zip file containing user interface localization files for Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (simplified, Mandarin), Dutch, Estonian, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish languages. See the Localization page for instructions on how to use these files and how to create your own localization file for a new language. Localization files in the current zip file may not include tags and translations for deprecated 32-bit versions, but are usually a good start. 

SHA Checksums Guarantee Safe Packages

Worried about viruses? Got a false alarm from an anti-virus package? Use SHA checksums to put your mind at ease by confirming you have a safe installation package for Release 9 or Release 8.

Release 9 installation packages do NOT contain malware. Use the SHA checksum provided for each download package to confirm your installation package has not been infected and contains no malware. Normally, there is no need to do that unless your anti-virus program reports a problem. Anti-virus programs often report false alarms on perfectly-clean, virus-free files. False alarms are easy to check.

If your anti-virus program reports a problem with a Manifold installation file, you can verify that is a false alarm by using any popular tool (7zip, Microsoft, etc.) to compute the SHA checksum for the installation package you are using. If that SHA checksum matches the SHA checksum published for that package, you know for sure the anti-virus package reported a false alarm.

Windows 10 and other recent Windows editions include the certutil command line utility that will verify the SHA256 checksum for a file. To use certutil open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the folder where the file to be checked is located. Enter the following command line, for example, to check the 32-bit Release 9 installation package:

certutil -hashfile manifold-9.0.159.msi SHA256

The utility will provide a computed SHA256 hash code (another name for checksum) for the file:

SHA256 hash of file manifold-9.0.159.msi:
1d 65 79 c2 b7 2f aa 99 7f 40 2c c5 1f 92 80 de 73 0c 4f 4a 4c c5 d2 59 bf 74 7e 79 b8 d4 e0 71
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

Compare the SHA256 checksum reported by the certutil utility to the checksum published on this page, ignoring spaces. If they are the same, you know for sure the file you have downloaded is safe.

Technical Support

The free downloads on this page are provided without technical support. Some downloads are large and require reliable Internet connections. Downloads are provided for those folks who have sufficiently reliable Internet connections and who have the minimal technical skills required to use their browsers to download a file, to unzip a zipfile, install a .msi file, etc., without assistance. If you require assistance, please ask a more technical colleague for help, retain a consultant, or contact Manifold Technical Support using a standard tech support token as set forth in the Contacting Tech Support page.

Please visit the following links for general information on available Manifold technical support services.

  • Technical Support Home Page - Your first stop for technical support needs.
  • Status Page - Enter a support token to verify it is unused and to check the token type (standard, development or voice). Checking the status of a support token before using it to contact tech support will avoid wasting time in case the token has been already used or is the wrong type.
  • Contacting Technical Support - How to contact technical support. How to use tokens and important information that must be provided to enable tech support to respond quickly and constructively.
  • Manifold Updates - Information on updates for Manifold products.
  • Technical Support Products - A list of all technical support products.
  • Online Store - Buy technical support products online with your credit card.
  • Support FAQ - Frequently asked questions regarding technical support.
  • Administrator Login - Users are sometimes surprised to learn they don't have true Administrator rights in Windows 8, Windows 7 or Vista. This short page describes how to login using the real Administrator account.
  • Windows Installer Notes - Tips on solving problems with Windows Installer in case of de-installation errors.
  • Email Problems - Few things are as annoying as not getting messages you expect to get, yet the wide use of spam filters means that you might not be getting an important email from manifold.net email accounts. Read this page for important tips on how to make sure you will get the emails you expect.
  • Suggestions - Tips on making effective suggestions to get what you want into Manifold. Vote early and vote often!.

Manifold products are supported by email for a fee. Although Manifold technical support is very inexpensive, it is not free. Technical support is provided for a low fee via email. Technical support service products are sold that allow Manifold users to choose what level of support they prefer, from a single incident to ten incidents at a discount. Technical support incidents are available as standard support incidents or as developer support incidents. Standard incidents provide answers to routine interactive usage of Manifold. Developer support incidents provide answers to more technical questions, such as those involving programming, SQL, customization, IMS, Runtime licenses or Enterprise features.

How to Buy Technical Support Services

Purchase technical support products via the the Online Store. Purchase the technical support product and you will receive by email tech support tokens of the number and class (standard or developer) you purchased. You can then use them when contacting tech support by email.

Contacting Technical Support

Please carefully read the Contacting Technical Support page for complete information on contacting technical support. Support inquiries sent to sales will not only delay a fast and effective solution, they will also waste support tokens.

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Suggestions to improve Manifold are always welcome. Please see the Suggestions page for tips on making effective suggestions.

Manifold System

Vector drawing of buildings in Monaco extracted from OpenStreetMap and displayed as a drawing in Manifold Release 9, automatically colored by Manifold using a ColorBrewer palette, with with a background layer from Bing to provide context. Maps, images and drawings can have multiple layers in Manifold Release 9.

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