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This page provides installation files for Manifold® Viewer, a free product. Viewer runs on all recent Windows versions.

  • For Release 9 or Release 8 downloads visit the Downloads page.

Manifold Viewer is a free, read-only version of Manifold® Release 9. Viewer provides phenomenal capability to view and to analyze almost all possible different types of data. Viewer runs fully CPU parallel and GPU parallel and includes Manifold parallel SQL. Fast! Viewer is free to download and use. No need for a serial number or Activation. See the Viewer home page for an overview.

Image at right: Buildings in Monaco extracted from OpenStreetMap, colored on the fly by Viewer and displayed on a Canvas Dark theme ArcGIS REST server background.

Run the latest version: Viewer Edge is the latest build, in a portable installation. See the Changes and Additions topic for new features.

Getting Started: Watch tutorial videos for a fast start. Videos may need updating given the latest changes in 9, but will help anyway:

Sample Projects: Download the project used in the above videos: OSM_Venice.mxb (117338KB). Jump to the Examples section below for additional sample projects. Open a sample project to play around with Viewer features.

Free updates: To update a Manifold Viewer installation to the lastest release, download and install a Base Manifold Viewer version from the links below. Viewer will automatically update. When using Viewer Edge, simply launch from the latest Edge portable installation. Manifold Viewer is a subset of Manifold Release 9 and Viewer automatically incorporates the latest Release 9 enhancements.

Cutting Edge or Base ?

Viewer evolves very rapidly. Some people always want the latest version, while others prefer to update less frequently. To meet both needs, Manifold provides both newer (Edge) and older (Base) installations.

Starting at a given Base level, each new Edge build adds more and more capabilities. After a month or two of Edge builds, Manifold updates the current Base build to incorporate new Edge features, and then the cycle starts over with a new series of Edge builds. Each Edge build is a full, standalone build, with no need to install the prior Base build to get the full package with all of the latest features.

  • Viewer Edge - Edge builds are the same as Base builds, just newer and better. Edge builds are issued about every two weeks and provide all new features and bug fixes. Edge builds are issued as portable installations, making frequent updates easy. The User Manual documents Edge builds. Recommended.
  • Viewer Base - Base builds are older versions of Edge builds. They are issued every few months as Windows Installer packages. Base builds do not include the latest features and bug fixes. The latest features discussed in the User Manual will not be in Base builds.

Unsure which to choose? You can download and use both an Edge build and a Base build. Edge builds are portable installations, so they happily co-exist with Base builds that use Windows Installer.

Community Support

Manifold Viewer is not supported by Manifold tech support. Ask questions of other users on the forum. Hey, it's free!


  • Viewer requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or more recent. Most newer Windows systems include .NET. If your system does not have .NET, scroll down this page for links to free .NET Framework downloads.
  • Viewer Edge portable installations include both 64-bit executables and 32-bit executables. The same Edge portable installation can be downloaded for use in both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows.
  • Windows Installer installations used for Base builds come in 64-bit and 32-bit versions, to match the version of Windows you are using You must use the 32-bit installation if you are running 32-bit Windows.
  • False alarms from anti-virus programs are common. The SHA checksums published below guarantee safe downloads. See the information below on how to use SHA checksums.
  • Windows Defender may wrongly complain that the current Edge zipfile contains malware. That is not true and is a false alarm from Defender. Download the file, unzip and run Windows Defender on the resulting files and Defender will report the files are OK.
  • Errors: If there are any errors when unzipping a downloaded file, the file was damaged during download or was not completely downloaded. Try again.
  • After installation from a Base build using Windows Installer, save the .exe file for future use. Windows may need it some day to uninstall or to repair an installation.

Viewer Edge · Portable (Self-Contained Zip File)

Portable Installation
SHA256: afb2481fd5da30bd300dd80feba8d16ebf0705fcfdf8b0c83fe41f492f8bc9d8

For 64-bit and 32-bit Windows: Get the latest, most powerful Manifold technology in a portable installation. 1: Download the .zip file. 2: Unzip. 3: Double-click manifold.exe in the bin64 folder to launch. (Launch manifold.exe in the bin folder for 32-bit Windows.) Tech tip: Right-click manifold.exe and Pin to Start for convenient launches.

Available options are the localization file for other languages, the enhanced NADCON5 grids.dat data file, DLLs for open source databases, and various example files, which may be downloaded from links below on this page.

Optional Download: Get DLLs for PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MySQL, and Esri Mobile Geodatabases.

64-bit Viewer Base · Windows Installer (.exe File)

For 64-bit Manifold Viewer Installations

SHA256: 4663e82a140dd0865ea7af66207cbcd82ebd19eba696aea4d5c0ed6b31d6779d

64-bit Viewer: This is the current, Base Viewer build in a Windows Installer installation package for 64-bit Windows systems. Uninstall any older Windows Installer Viewer installations before installing. After installation, save the .exe file for future use.

32-bit Viewer Base · Windows Installer (.exe File)

For 32-bit Manifold Viewer Installations

SHA256: fe8ed986f44713da171f9552ddd177a0c6b1de96405c191fc16bfbf9e63438cf

32-bit Viewer: This is the current, Base Viewer build in a Windows Installer installation package for 32-bit Windows systems. Uninstall any older Windows Installer Viewer installations before installing. After installation, save the .exe file for future use.

Viewer Base · Portable (Self-Contained Zip File)

For Portable Manifold Viewer Installations
SHA256: 5f0100f0bd544ef811648426fb91d1cc8838003a2729ff29cc17d92d7582bfc1

Portable Viewer: This is the current, Base Viewer build in a portable installation, that includes both 64-bit and 32-bit executables. Base builds tend to lag a month or two behind Edge builds.

Microsoft Visual C++ for Portable Installations

The portable Manifold Viewer and Viewer Edge installation packages require installation of Microsoft's Visual C++ Redistributable package. This is not necessary for Base Viewer .exe installation packages, which include the C++ Redistributable package and will install if required. Many modern Windows systems will already have this installed. If not yet installed, portable installation users should download Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable installation files from the Microsoft VC Downloads page.

On 64-bit Windows system, install both vc_redist.x64.exe (64-bit) and vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit). On a 32-bit Windows system, install vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit).

Important: Use a recent C++ redistributable. Microsoft significantly updated redistributables in November, 2019 - older redistributables will not work.


Viewer uses Release 9 documentation. All Manifold Release 9 documentation is online. Visit the Release 9 User Manual for detailed information on every aspect of Release 9 and Viewer. Hundreds of examples, including hundreds of lavishly-illustrated, step-by-step examples, show how to use Manifold.

Localization Files - Use Your Language - Click on the link to download a zip file containing user interface localization files for Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (simplified, Mandarin), Dutch, Estonian, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish languages. See the Localization page for instructions on how to use these files and how to create your own localization file for a new language. 

64-bit Connections to Microsoft Office Formats

By default, Viewer uses Microsoft facilities built into Windows to connect to Office format files such as .db, .html. .mdb, .xls, and .wkx, together with newer Office formats such as .xlsx and .accdb. The same facilities are used to connect to any other use of Access .mdb format, for example, in ESRI's personal geodatabase format using .mdb, or legacy Manifold mfd/mdb format as used in early Manifold releases.

Unfortunately, those Microsoft facilities are 32-bit only, even within 64-bit Windows systems. To use them, we must launch a 32-bit instance of Viewer, which is included automatically in all 64-bit Viewer installations. See discussion in the Microsoft Office Formats - MDB, XLS and Friends topic.

We can connect to Office formats from 64-bit Viewer in 64-bit Windows by installing Microsoft's Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable package. The 64-bit version of the Access Database Engine provides connectivity to Office formats for 64-bit applications in a 64-bit system. Despite the "Access" name of the package, it supports all Office formats.

Download the 64-bit Access Database Engine from Microsoft's Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable page. That page provides downloads for X64 (64-bit) and 32-bit versions. Most users will download and install just the X64 version. It is a small download that installs quickly. However, using the 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine requires that our Microsoft Office installation is also 64-bit. If we are still running 32-bit Microsoft Office in our 64-bit Windows system, we cannot install the 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine.

DLLs for Popular Open Source DBMS Packages

Google .webp example with no background layer

Manifold Release 9 and Manifold Viewer include built-in support for GPKG and SQLite using GPKG-style spatial data, RTREE indexes, JSON and GeoPoly. No need to download or install anything extra to read/write GPKG or most SQLite databases.

The SQLite DLL provided is an ESRI package that adds allows connection to Esri mobile geodatabases, which are stored within SpatiaLite files.

The MySQL and PostgreSQL DLLs provided allow connection to MySQL databases and to PostgreSQL/PostGIS databases.

The MySQL and PostgreSQL/PostGIS are third party, open source DBMS packages which require installation of necessary files within the execution PATH of your system. If you are an expert user of MySQL or PostgreSQL/PostGIS you know the drill and have already installed all necessary DLLs. For everyone else, Manifold provides the following sample collections of DLLs for these packages:

The easiest way to install these for use with Release 9, or Viewer is to unzip the appropriate package within the bin or the bin64 folder of the Manifold installation folder. Unzip within the bin64 folder and unzip within the bin folder. That creates an opt subfolder which contains the various DLLs.

The above packages of DLLs are not supported, but they are recommended for use with Release 9 and Viewer. They are the same packages provided in the Base Plus installation zipfile for Release 9.

Images at right: Google .webp examples imaged in Viewer, without white background layer and farther down on this page with white background, to demonstrate the .webp format's alpha channel transparency capability.

Transformation Grids

When re-projecting a component, Viewer can use high-accuracy conversions that utilize transformation grids for certain regions. Most users will re-project components using default conversions, and thus do not need the grids.dat file. Those users who want to use transformation grids can download and install the grids.dat file, and then the conversion options to use those grids automatically will become available for those coordinate conversions that use them. The grids.dat file is 379 MB and contains in compressed form hundreds of grids enumerated in EPSG, including NADCON5 grids as well as traditional NADCON and HARN NADCON (USA), and NTv2 grids for Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

Install the grids.dat file for use with Viewer Edge or Manifold Viewer by placing the file in the shared folder of the Viewer installation folder. The file must be placed in the shared folder itself and not within a subfolder of the shared folder.


Download example project files in Release 9 .map or .mxb format for Manifold Release 9 and Manifold Viewer. MAP format opens instantly. MXB is a compressed format that takes a few seconds to decompress before opening. The example project files include projects used in tutorial videos on the Gallery page.

SHA Checksums Guarantee Safe Packages

Google .webp example with white background layer

Worried about viruses? Got a false alarm from an anti-virus package? Use SHA checksums to put your mind at ease by confirming you have a safe installation package.

Manifold Viewer installation packages do NOT contain malware. Use the SHA checksum provided for each download package to confirm your installation package has not been infected and contains no malware. Normally, there is no need to do that unless your anti-virus program reports a problem. Anti-virus programs often report false alarms on perfectly-clean, virus-free files. False alarms are easy to check.

If your anti-virus program reports a problem with a Manifold installation file, you can verify that is a false alarm by using any popular tool (7zip, Microsoft, etc.) to compute the SHA checksum for the installation package you are using. If that SHA checksum matches the SHA checksum published for that package, you know for sure the anti-virus package reported a false alarm.

Windows 10 and other recent Windows editions include the certutil command line utility that will verify the SHA256 checksum for a file. To use certutil open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the folder where the file to be checked is located. Enter the following command line, for example, to check the 32-bit Manifold installation package:

certutil -hashfile manifold-9.0.159.msi SHA256

The utility will provide a computed SHA256 hash code (another name for checksum) for the file:

SHA256 hash of file manifold-9.0.159.msi:
1d 65 79 c2 b7 2f aa 99 7f 40 2c c5 1f 92 80 de 73 0c 4f 4a 4c c5 d2 59 bf 74 7e 79 b8 d4 e0 71
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

Compare the SHA256 checksum reported by the certutil utility to the checksum published on this page, ignoring spaces. If they are the same, you know for sure the file you have downloaded is safe.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+

.NET is already installed on newer Windows systems. If your Windows system does not have .NET installed, download and install .NET Framework from these Microsoft links:

Technical Support

The free downloads on this page are provided without technical support. Some downloads are large and require reliable Internet connections. Downloads are provided for those folks who have sufficiently reliable Internet connections and who have the minimal technical skills required to use their browsers to download a file, to unzip a zipfile, double-click an installation file to run it, etc., without assistance. If you require assistance, please ask a more technical colleague for help, retain a consultant, or contact Manifold Technical Support using a paid standard tech support token as set forth in the Contacting Tech Support page.

How to Buy Technical Support Services

Purchase technical support products via the the Online Store. Purchase the technical support product and you will receive by email tech support tokens of the number and class (standard or developer) you purchased. You can then use them when contacting tech support by email.

Contacting Technical Support

Please carefully read the Contacting Technical Support page for complete information on contacting technical support. Support inquiries sent to sales will not only delay a fast and effective solution, they will also waste support tokens.

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Manifold Release 9 handles Chinese characters as Unicode - of course!

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