Legacy Release 9

Older Installations for Windows

Please Read Carefully

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This page provides older, out of date build 9.0.174 installation files for Manifold® Release 9 for use with the legacy activation system. Build 9.0.174 no longer matches the documentation and is lacking many features in current builds.

Important: The installation files on this page are not supported in any way by Manifold. They are provided as a convenience for users who are willing to support themselves in using an out-of-date build.

  • For up to date installation files for Release 9 for use with the current simpler and easier activation system, visit the Downloads page.

If at all possible, instead of using an obsolete build for most users it is a much better idea to use a current build and thus automatically upgrade to the new activation system. See the discussion in the New Activation page.


  • See the Installation and Activation topic for step by step installation and activation instructions with clear illustrations.
  • All Release 9 licenses are 64-bit. The serial number for your license will authorize both 64-bit and 32-bit installations.
  • All portable installations, include both 64-bit executables and 32-bit executables. The same portable installation can be used in either 64-bit or 32-bit Windows.
  • Windows Installer installations used for Base builds come in 64-bit and 32-bit versions, to match the version of Windows you are using. You must use the 32-bit installation if you are running 32-bit Windows.
  • Release 9 requires Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. If these are not already on your system, see below for links to Microsoft downloads.
  • False alarms from anti-virus programs are common. The SHA checksums published below guarantee safe downloads. See the information below on how to use SHA checksums.
  • Errors: If there are any errors when unzipping a downloaded file, the file was damaged during download or was not completely downloaded. Try again.

Legacy 64-bit Release 9 Base · Windows Installer (.exe File)

For 64-bit Release 9 Installations

SHA256: fd13bb0b60f6af48281c7d9063e890e4b92c796824aba7e45fc7806192947a12

64-bit Release 9: This is the legacy, Base Release 9 build in a Windows Installer installation package for 64-bit Windows systems. Uninstall any older Windows Installer Release 9 installations before installing. After installation, save the .exe file for future use.

Legacy 32-bit Release 9 Base · Windows Installer (.exe File)

For 32-bit Release 9 Installations

SHA256: 44fde8dc0ba25dc3a755ae0eeb0c7ba429a8826ccb7259a3c52edb0ff6e6057a

32-bit Release 9: This is the legacy, Base Release 9 build in a Windows Installer installation package for 32-bit Windows systems. Uninstall any older Windows Installer Release 9 installations before installing. After installation, save the .exe file for future use.

Legacy Release 9 Base · Portable (Self-Contained Zip File)

For Portable Release 9 Installations

SHA256: 99401e3fdc181f7463f55379a4a62f32e8554960cbbf9fd4889f6e61f8d567f3

For 64-bit and 32-bit Windows: Approximately 54 MB. This is the legacy, Base Release 9 build in a portable installation, that includes both 64-bit and 32-bit executables. This installation includes all Manifold features but does not include optional, third-party software to provide IronPython scripting, and to connect to MySQL and PostgreSQL/PostGIS. It does not include the approx 233 MB grids.dat data file containing high-accuracy transformation grids for countries that use grid transformation. The grids.dat data file, database drivers, and IronPython may be downloaded separately for users who desire those. The Base Plus zip file below provides all of those items within the zip package.

Legacy Release 9 Base Plus · Portable (Self-Contained Zip File)

For Portable Release 9 Base Plus  Installations

SHA256: 1d97957cef87fc99dafb8f9da47d55955e92d8dc342ba9115576ef0a182c5c9c

Includes all Options · For 64-bit and 32-bit Windows: Approximately 450 MB. The Base Plus zip file is the legacy, Base Release 9 build plus optional, third-party software that provides IronPython scripting and MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and SQLite drivers for ESRI ST_GEOMETRY within SQLite databases. It also includes the full 233 MB grids.dat data file with hundreds of grids used in NADCON (USA), HARN NADCON and NTv2 grid transformations for Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. Download this file if you require those transformations or if you will be working with MySQL or PostgreSQL/PostGIS.

Microsoft Visual C++ for Portable Installations

The portable installations of Manifold Release 9 require installation of Microsoft's Visual C++ Redistributable package. This is not necessary for Base Release 9 .exe installation packages, which include the C++ Redistributable package and will install if required. Many modern Windows systems will already have this installed. If not yet installed, portable installation users should download Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable installation files from the Microsoft VC Downloads page.

On 64-bit Windows system, install both vc_redist.x64.exe (64-bit) and vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit). On a 32-bit Windows system, install vc_redist.x86.exe (32-bit).

Important: Use a recent C++ redistributable. Microsoft significantly updated redistributables in November, 2019 - older redistributables will not work.

Localization Files - Use Your Language

ui.zip - Click on the link to download a zip file containing user interface localization files for Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (simplified, Mandarin), Dutch, Estonian, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish languages. See the Localization page for instructions on how to use these files and how to create your own localization file for a new language. 

64-bit Connections to Microsoft Office Formats

By default, Manifold uses Microsoft facilities built into Windows to connect to Office format files such as .db, .html. .mdb, .xls, and .wkx, together with newer Office formats such as .xlsx and .accdb. The same facilities are used to connect to any other use of Access .mdb format, for example, in ESRI's personal geodatabase format using .mdb, or legacy Manifold mfd/mdb format as used in early Manifold releases.

Unfortunately, those Microsoft facilities are 32-bit only, even within 64-bit Windows systems. To use them, we must launch a 32-bit instance of Manifold, which is included automatically in all 64-bit Manifold installations. See discussion in the Microsoft Office Formats - MDB, XLS and Friends topic.

We can connect to Office formats from 64-bit Manifold in 64-bit Windows by installing Microsoft's Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable package. The 64-bit version of the Access Database Engine provides connectivity to Office formats for 64-bit applications in a 64-bit system. Despite the "Access" name of the package, it supports all Office formats.

Download the 64-bit Access Database Engine from Microsoft's Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable page. That page provides downloads for X64 (64-bit) and 32-bit versions. Most users will download and install just the X64 version. It is a small download that installs quickly. However, using the 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine requires that our Microsoft Office installation is also 64-bit. If we are still running 32-bit Microsoft Office in our 64-bit Windows system, we cannot install the 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine.

Transformation Grids

When re-projecting a component, Manifold can use high-accuracy conversions that utilize transformation grids for certain regions. Most users will re-project components using default conversions, and thus do not need the grids.dat file. Those users who want to use transformation grids can download and install the grids.dat file, and then the conversion options to use those grids automatically will become available for those coordinate conversions that use them. The grids.dat file is 379 MB and contains in compressed form hundreds of grids enumerated in EPSG, including NADCON5 grids as well as traditional NADCON and HARN NADCON (USA), and NTv2 grids for Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.

Install the grids.dat file for use with Release 9 by placing the file in the shared folder of the Manifold installation folder. The file must be placed in the shared folder itself and not within a subfolder of the shared folder.

This is the same grids.dat file provided in the Base Plus installation zipfile for Manifold Release 9.

SHA Checksums Guarantee Safe Packages

Worried about viruses? Got a false alarm from an anti-virus package? Use SHA checksums to put your mind at ease by confirming you have a safe installation package for Release 9 or Release 8.

Release 9 installation packages do NOT contain malware. Use the SHA checksum provided for each download package to confirm your installation package has not been infected and contains no malware. Normally, there is no need to do that unless your anti-virus program reports a problem. Anti-virus programs often report false alarms on perfectly-clean, virus-free files. False alarms are easy to check.

If your anti-virus program reports a problem with a Manifold installation file, you can verify that is a false alarm by using any popular tool (7zip, Microsoft, etc.) to compute the SHA checksum for the installation package you are using. If that SHA checksum matches the SHA checksum published for that package, you know for sure the anti-virus package reported a false alarm.

Windows 10 and other recent Windows editions include the certutil command line utility that will verify the SHA256 checksum for a file. To use certutil open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the folder where the file to be checked is located. Enter the following command line, for example, to check the 32-bit Release 9 installation package:

certutil -hashfile manifold-9.0.159.msi SHA256

The utility will provide a computed SHA256 hash code (another name for checksum) for the file:

SHA256 hash of file manifold-9.0.159.msi:
1d 65 79 c2 b7 2f aa 99 7f 40 2c c5 1f 92 80 de 73 0c 4f 4a 4c c5 d2 59 bf 74 7e 79 b8 d4 e0 71
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

Compare the SHA256 checksum reported by the certutil utility to the checksum published on this page, ignoring spaces. If they are the same, you know for sure the file you have downloaded is safe.

Manifold System

Vector drawing of buildings in Monaco extracted from OpenStreetMap and displayed as a drawing in Manifold Release 9, automatically colored by Manifold using a ColorBrewer palette, with with a background layer from Bing to provide context. Maps, images and drawings can have multiple layers in Manifold Release 9.

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