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Please Read Carefully

Very Important: Updates to Manifold® Release 9 or Manifold Release 8 require a working Manifold Release 9 or Manifold Release 8 license. If you do not have a license you will not be able to use updates.

Updates are Free

Manifold licensees may download and install the latest build of their licensed software at no charge. Builds are identified by a build number, reported in the Help - About dialog. If the current build is newer, download and install it. Newer builds fix bugs and add new features.

Different licensing options, different products, or new product generations are not free updates. For example, a Release 8 license does not provide free access to Release 9, and a Release 9 serial number cannot activate an SQL for ArcGIS® Pro installation. When a new product generation is released, updates for prior generations continue for a limited period of time and then eventually end as development shifts to the new generation.

No need to re-activate - Except for serial number upgrades, there is no need to re-activate a license for routine updates. Uninstalling an older build and installing a newer build for that same product will not change the activation status on that computer. For example, if Release 9 has been activated on your computer you can uninstall it and re-install a newer build of Release 9 as many times as you like: it will still be activated with no need to expend any additional activations.

Serial number upgrades - Upgrades of older serial numbers using the legacy activation system to modern serial numbers using the current, improved activation system will require an activation. When a modern build is installed on a computer that has only hosted legacy builds, the new build must be activated. Using a legacy serial number to activate the modern build will automatically upgrade the serial number to the modern activation system. The serial number will be reset to a fresh crop of activations as well. See the New Activation page for how that works.

Free services do not include tech support - Any questions about updates require a tech support token. See the Contact Support page.

Manifold Release 9 for Spatial Engineering

Manifold Release 9

Get the latest version of Manifold Release 9 from the Release 9 Downloads page.

Release 9 Edge is the cutting edge version Manifold Release 9, providing the latest new features and fixes until the next Base build. Release 9 requires a Manifold Release 9 license on your machine. Download and install the latest Release 9 Base build or the latest Release 9 Edge build from the Release 9 Downloads page or from the Cutting Edge section of the user forum. Enthusiasts should visit the Cutting Edge section of the user forum to read about new features and fixes as soon as they are issued by Engineering.

Manifold Server

Manifold Server

Manifold Server is built into Manifold Release 9 Universal Edition. Get the latest version of Manifold Server by downloading the latest version of Manifold Release 9 from the Release 9 Downloads page.

Manifold Release 8 is the world's best GIS

Manifold System Release 8.00

Get the latest version of Manifold Release 8 from the Release 8 Downloads page.

SQL for ArcGIS Pro

SQL for ArcGIS Pro

Get the latest version of SQL for ArcGIS Pro from the SQL for ArcGIS Pro Downloads page.

Free product - Manifold Viewer

Manifold Viewer

Manifold Viewer: For free updates to Viewer visit the Manifold Viewer Downloads page. Manifold Viewer is a free product that does not require a serial number. Manifold Viewer is a read-only subset of Manifold Release 9. Viewer updates automatically incorporate the latest updates to Manifold Release 9.

Radian Studio has been deprecated in favor of Release 9

Radian Studio

Radian Studio has been deprecated in favor of Release 9. Get the last published version of Radian Studio from the Radian Studio Downloads page. The Radian Studio installation requires a Radian Studio serial number.


The following instructions apply to both Manifold Release 9 and Manifold Release 8 using Windows Installer installation files. These instructions assume you are upgrading an already activated installation on the same computer:

  • Updates are cumulative, including all new features and fixes issued in previous updates.
  • Installing an update will preserve the activation status of your working installation.
  • Uninstall any prior Release 8 installation using the Windows Control Panel applet before installing an update.
  • Problems with Windows Installer? See the Windows Installer page for tips.
  • Right click on the installation .exe file and choose Run as Administrator to install the update.
  • Save the installation .exe file. You may need it to later uninstall or to repair an installation.
  • Any assistance with updates requires a standard technical support token.

Many users prefer portable installations to using Windows Installer. See the Installations topic for info on using portable installations.

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Image Server

Manifold image server display showing the famous Opera House in Sydney, Australia. With image servers you can see the world!

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